Ritual to Bring Back The Fire of Love in a Relationship


Many people experience their significant over stray away from their relationship. Maybe the flame in the relationship is dim and needs some attention to bring back that fire of love. Here is a simple ritual anyone can try to help give their strayed relationship a little adjustment. You will need the following:

8 Inch Ritual Image Candle – Man Red

8 Inch Ritual Image Molded Candle Woman – Red

7 Sisters Oil Fire of Love

Lavender Buds – Whole

 Start by personalizing the candle, you do this by carving your name and their name into the candles. For example, if you are a female you will carve your name on the female image candle and write the name of your significant other on the other candle. Next, you anoint(rub) the oil all over both candles, then you sprinkle the lavender buds all over. While doing all this concentrate on your desires and the changes you would like to take effect. After the candles are dressed and ready, place the candles standing and facing each other as close as possible. While you light them, call upon your love, mention their name and envision your desires with them. Let the candles burn completely and do this once month at any time

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