Candle Ritual & Color Definition

I begin typing this blog in hopes to reach out to anyone seeking to improve their life and well-being through the magic of Candles, Oils, Incense, and all the metaphysical supplies we have to offer here at Wisdom Products. I will be bringing you knowledge of the spiritual world on a weekly basis to help you achieve your deepest and most deserved desires. You will learn to clear your thoughts, and channel your energy through the mind, body, and spirit to connect with the spiritual world around us. We will begin through candle burning magic.


Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. It’s a method which doesn’t require a lot of fancy ritual or expensive ceremonial artifacts. Anyone with a candle can cast a spell. You are declaring your intent to the spirits and Gods among us. There are 3 main guidelines to remember when casting your spell:

  • Deciding on a goal
  • Visualizing the end result
  • Focusing on your intent to manifest that result


It is very important when doing candle magic you always use a brand new candle for spell work. Don’t use candles that have been previously used, It can pick up vibrations from the things around them and possess energy you may not need or want interfering with the ritual or spell you intend to take place.



After you’ve selected a candle, you’ll want to dress it before burning. This is a method by which you’ll establish a psychic link between you and the candle itself. In other words, you’re charging the candle with your own energy and personal vibrations, and projecting your intent into the candle before you burn it. To dress a candle, you’ll need an oil. A good option is to use special candle magic oils from the Anna Riva, Indio, or 7 Sisters of New Orleans brands. We will get into more detail with those as we progress in our journey.


To anoint (dress) a candle begin at the middle of the candle, and rub the oil upward to the top. Then, begin at the center of the candle and rub the oil down towards the base of the candle. In some traditions, the anointing is done just the opposite way. Start at the top and work your way towards the center, then the base (bottom) up towards the middle.


The Following is a list of the colors of the candles and their significance:

  • Red: Courage and health, sexual love and lust
  • Pink: Friendship, sweet love
  • Orange: Attraction and encouragement
  • Gold: Financial gain, business endeavors, solar connections
  • Yellow: Persuasion and protection
  • Green: Financial gain, abundance, fertility
  • Light Blue: Health, patience and understanding
  • Dark Blue: Depression and vulnerability
  • Purple: Ambition and power, dominating and controlling
  • Brown: Earth-related or Hexing (Cursing)
  • Black: Negativity and banishment, or Warding off Evil Spirits
  • White: Purity and truth*
  • Silver: Reflection, intuition, lunar connections


If your spell calls for herbs to be used, roll the oiled candle in the herbs until it is coated all the way around.

Brujo Negro of Brujo Negro Brujeria says, “Is a candle magical in and of itself? No, it is the flame of the candle which is what we are making the magic; the candle and its wax are the fuel for the fire. In essence the candle is a vehicle for the creation of the magic contained in the flame, it is a tool if you will and yes it is a magical tool so you should treat your candles as magical tools. You should give your chosen candle a basic cleansing, before dedicating it to the use of a magical spell.”

The most basic form of candle magic uses a piece of colored paper that matches the intent of your candle. Decide what your goal is, and write it on the piece of paper — just for an example, let’s say we’re going to do a money drawing spell. Write down your intent — something like I will become financially prosperous. In some traditions, you would write your intent in a magical alphabet, such as Theban or Enochian. Because this is a money-oriented working, we would select either a gold or green piece of paper, and a candle of the same color. As you write down your goal, visualize yourself achieving that goal. Think about the different ways in which your goal might manifest — could you be getting a raise at work? Perhaps someone who owed you money will arrive out of the blue to repay their debt.

Once you’ve written down your goal, fold the paper, concentrating on your intent the whole time. Some people like to say a small incantation as they do this — if you’re one of those people, this is a good place to do it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can use something as simple as:

Extra money come my way,
I could use a little cash today.
Extra money come to me,
As I will, so it shall be.

Place one corner of the folded paper into the candle’s flame and allow it to catch fire. Hold the paper as long as possible (without burning your fingers) and then place it in a fire-safe bowl or cauldron to burn the rest of the way on its own. Allow the candle to burn out completely. When the candle has burned out completely, dispose of it, rather than saving it to use again for another working. Usually there’s not much left of a candle except a stub of wax, and you can either bury it outdoors or dispose of it in whatever manner you choose.


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