Money Drawing Ritual


 Many people find themselves struggling to stretch out their money in abundance. I have found myself in that situation and have reach out spiritually to find some clarity and clearance in removing the despair feeling of not having enough and refocus mentally to find a solution to rid myself from this path. I want to share with you a little ritual I like to put into practice when money is tight. I start by burning a dry sage bundle or leaves in a burner, as I am burning the sage and blow off the flames leaving it to a smoke, I walk around my home starting from the entrance of the front door and making my way through every room in the house, ending at the back exit of my home where I leave the rest of the sage smoke out until it has turn into ash. This process helps purify the energy in your home from all the negative energy you bring in from the outside. Now that I have purified the energy in my home, I set up by the entrance a small table with a green and a gold household candle. You can use any type of candle but it must be plain with no scent and new. Next to my candles I set a small incense burner with a mixture of the following incense powders: Money Drawing or Bayberry, Horn of Plenty, Road Opener, and Attraction. As I am setting this, in my mind I envision myself clear of debt and money in abundance. You must focus and vision it so It attracts just that to you like a magnet. Now I light the candles one by one as I focus on my desires and next I light the incense powder mixture. Once the wax on the candles have melted a bit, I like to add a few drops of money drawing oil with an eyedropper on the candles. I let all of this burn out together and usually repeat the ritual whenever money feels tight. So, there you have it, a simple yet good ritual to go by. I hope many of you find it helpful and successful.


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