Dragon’s Blood

Ever felt like you are at your wit’s end with life’s complications? Have a problem that doesn’t seem like it is going to end? Dragon’s Blood has been notorious for solving seemingly impossible obstacles. The main element of the Dragon’s Blood is the uncrossing powers. Uncrossing is essentially the removing of hexes, curses and crossed conditions.

Listed are some of our Dragon’s Blood items:


The best thing about Dragon’s blood is that no matter the method, most of the rituals are simple.  Take the candle for example. If you are going to court, taking a test, or just feeling like you are being blocked; burning a Dragon’s Blood candle will do the trick. However, as I previously stated, you have to have a clear idea of the solution you are aiming for, of the outcome you want out of the candle. And if you feel that you need an extra boost you can anoint the candle with a couple of drops of Dragon’s Blood oil daily for 7 days.

Another useful item is the Bath and Floor Wash Dragon’s Blood. And as with other washes, you can use it while bathing or washing your floor. It is highly recommended that you wash your floors with Dragon’s Blood the night before you have court or another similar situation. Aside for uncrossing Dragon’s blood has the power to enhance spells. It is very common to write out your ritual or spells in Parchment Paper, writing in Dragon’s Blood Ink.

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