All You Need To Know About Magical Oils And Their Uses

7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil All Purpose
7 Sisters Candle Blessing Oil All Purpose

A magical oil is a type of special type of essential oil blend created with a specific intention in mind. The essential oils originate from different types of plants are some of the most volatile compounds located in these plants. Since ancient civilizations, essential oils have been utilized for a plethora of reasons including both spiritual and mystical purposes. This was due to the fact that people believed oils have mystical properties that provide spiritual consequences in different areas of one’s life.

The oils are typically used in ritual magic, spell crafts, and aromatherapy. Many individuals also believe that using magical oils can bring about success, love, good fortune, or attract spirits. Below are some of the more popular magical oils:

Attraction oils – this oil is used to bring that special someone into your life.
• Break-up oils – this oil is used to separate lovers.
• “Come to me” oils – this type of oil is one of the more powerful attraction oils and is used to bind lovers.
• Dragon’s blood oils – this oil is used as a means of removing curses or overcoming a crossed condition.
• Compelling oils – this oil is used to bend a person’s will in your favor.
• Jinx removing oils – this oil is used to remove any curses or hexes.
• “High John the Conqueror” oil – this oil is used to increase an individual’s confidence and strength.
• Love oils – similar to attraction oils, this oil is used to bring a romantic interest into your life.
• Protection oils – this oil creates a strong wall of protection around your being.
• Money drawing oils – this oil works as a powerful form of attracting money.
• Uncrossing oils – this oil helps in removing a crossed condition or blockage.

The History Of Magical Oils

Indio Oil Adam & Eve
Indio Oil Adam & Eve

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used for different reasons in societies. The ancient Egyptian culture utilized essential oils as a form of medicine, while the ancient Arabian civilization included essential oils in their frankincense trade. While essential oils have been mentioned in the Bible for medicinal purposes, the oils have also been used for various magical reasons within the past millennium.

Of course, the history of magical usage of essential oils does head back much further than records indicate. It is considered that mystery cults from ancient civilizations utilized magical oils in their practices without leaving any written records of the actions. Due to humans desiring a change in their lives, it is extremely likely that the essential oils were included in combinations of magical oils and practices from the cults. It is long believe that the magical practices were not only spiritual practices but a means of creating pathways for change.

The Different Methods For Using Essential Oils

People utilize magical oils in a plethora of various ways with the method being dependent on the results desired. Magical oils are believed to anoint the body with the energies associated with the oil. This is why ritual baths were particularly popular with magical oils being dropped into the bath water. Placing the oils directly onto the skin was also an option; however, it is important to dilute the oil so as to avoid any skin reactions.

Another method whereby people use magical oils is by placing them in candles. This is particularly popular among practitioners who use the oils in spell work. Practitioners have also used magical oils in oil burners for certain spells, meditation, and visualizations. It is also possible to place magical oils on talismans, crystals, and alters to induce the magical energies found within the oils.

The Reasons People Use Magical Oils

People utilize these types of oils for many different reasons and in all types of magical practices. Some of the purposes are beneficial, such as bringing good luck, harmony, success, and calm attitudes. Another popular reason for magical oil usage is for protection including the prevention of harm and ill will toward the practitioner or wearer of oil-induced talisman.

Some people believe that magical oils have the ability for speedy results by imbuing common objects with magical properties because of the distinct smells aromatherapy oils present. It is also common for people to feel a direct connection to the earth because of the essential oil’s natural compounds.

The Significance Of Intention

River Jordan Oil Cherry
River Jordan Oil Cherry

Despite the beneficial use of magical oils, it is seen that many people will use these oils for negative reasons or as “black magic”. The oils designed to create negativity to other individuals causing them harm or ill will fall into this category. Many practitioners believe that the intention of the individual is significant when utilizing oils and will influence the effects of the oils. For this reasons, individuals are advised to use magical oils with a clear idea of their expectations for the oil and an understanding of the potential consequences.

Magical oils can be utilized for many different reasons in various practices and different selections of oils are available dependent on the purpose. Deciding the results of the practice is essential when selecting the correct type of magical oil. Regardless of whether the individual is searching for a true love or attempting to protect themselves from harm, there is a magical oil for all situations. Choosing the best option is a matter of awareness of one’s true desires and deepest intentions. Once this is identified, choosing the most suitable oil is merely looking for the oil that suits the desire.

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