Holy Water And Its Many Uses.

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Holy water is water blessed by a priest or bishop. It is a very important part of the Catholic Church and can be used for many different purposes. Catholic churches often keep some holy water in a baptistery font and in a stoup or a smaller font near the entrance of the church.

Catholics usually dip their fingers in the stoup and bless themselves with the holy water when entering a church. However, holy water is not only kept in the church as Roman Catholics can take a bottle and use it for various purposes.


Ways to use holy water

Indio Holy Water
Indio Holy Water

1. Used for blessing mass goers
Catholic priests usually use holy water to bless those who have attended mass. The priests do this at the beginning and end of mass. This is done to remind Roman Catholics that even when they leave the church at the end of mass, they are still blessed children of God and must serve him diligently.

2. Bless religious items
Most Catholics own religious items such as rosaries, prayer booklets, and statues to use in their daily life. It is very important for them to take these items to the church so that they can be blessed using holy water. This is a good way to honor the things you use in your spiritual life.

3. Bless the workplace
Having your workplace blessed with holy water will ensure spiritual protection and make it a place of peace and positivity. Remember that your workplace is where you can bring glory to God through your work and it is important that a priest blesses it.

4. Bless your new house
Moving to a new home or buying a new house is something worth a celebration. Catholics mark this occasion by holding a house blessing. This occasion is important to Roman Catholics as it is a good way for a priest to bring peace and positivity into the new house. A house blessing also gives the homeowner the opportunity to thank God.

5. Drive away evil spirits
Holy water has always been used to drive away demons and evil spirits. This is the major reason why Catholic priests usually use holy water during the rites of exorcism and to oust evil spirits from people or homes.

Bath Oil Dr. Pryor's 7 Holy Hyssop
Bath Oil Dr. Pryor’s 7 Holy Hyssop

6. Bless your car
As a Roman Catholic, you can bless your car using holy water either by yourself or request a priest to do it. Applying holy water to your vehicle will keep you safe when used in faith and trust in God.

7.Bless the sick
Sick family members, friends, colleagues or neighbors should be blessed with holy water. Holy water such as the one from Lourdes is known to have healing power. However, this is not to say that ordinary holy water does not have healing powers.

Regular holy water also has healing properties as it is blessed by a priest. When visiting the sick in a nursing home or hospital, use holy water to bless their living space. It is also a good idea to leave a bottle with holy water so that it may comfort them.

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