What Is Wicca And How Does It Work?

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When people get into a discussion about what witchcraft is, they often referred to what is called Wicca. This is a pagan belief system, one that was developed in England in the early 20th century, and was introduced to the general public by Gerald Gardner. On a basic level, it was created by borrowing hermetic motifs. This helped create the theological structure of this pagan religious movement, as well as helped develop the ritual practices that Wiccan practitioners use every day. Let’s discuss Wicca in more detail, and also show you how it actually works.

Is Wicca A Religion?

Wicca is recognized as a religion, but it is very different from traditional Christian religious beliefs. It is an earth centered religion, one that believes in Gaia, and various gods and goddesses that are in some way responsible for the world and universe around us. There are some that would equate Wicca with Satanism because of their use of the pentagram. However, this symbol is not representative of satanic thoughts or beliefs, but is representative of the earth itself. Wiccans often worship the Goddess, and they follow and promote moral relativity. They simply follow what is called the Rede, a philosophy that tells us that we can do whatever we want as long as it does not harm others. Wicca also reveres the four elements, and understands that celestial bodies have an effect on our lives. Our goal is to live in harmony with nature, allowing us to access universal energy. Finally, they celebrate the cycles of the sun, moon and also the seasons. Their goal is freedom, and to achieve a life that is full of balance, it involves these beliefs and the use of witchcraft.

How Wicca Works?

Wicca is a belief system that understands that our thoughts and intentions are things. Whatever we focus upon can manifest in the material world. That is why they will practice certain types of magic such as sympathetic magic when casting spells. If you have something that belongs to another person, you can attune to their vibrational frequency, and help change their life for the better. Wiccans will cast spells which are aided by the pentacle, candles, cauldrons, and wands. By definition, witchcraft is the practice of magic, the use of spells with the intention of effecting a change in the material world. Witchcraft is part of the core beliefs of Wicca, yet it has absolutely nothing to do with black magic. In fact, black magic can never be a part of the life of a Wiccan because of the Law of Three. This law simply states that whatever we send out will return to us threefold, whether it is good or bad. Every action and thought that you have, therefore, becomes a reflection of the life that you live. This is why Wiccans will always be focused on finding balance and harmony, and will avoid negativity at all costs.

Wicca is a way of life, a belief system that embodies the understanding that we are in control of our lives. Through our intentions, and the use of spells, it is possible to mold our life by utilizing the power of the earth itself. Wicca is about living a life that does harm to no one. It is about living in harmony with nature, and those around us, fully aware that we live in a world where magic can be used to mold our lives.

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