Come To Me Ritual

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The “Come To Me” ritual is a powerful one and requires a bit of know-how before you dive in.

This read is going to provide relevant information on how to ensure the use of cologne and candles doesn’t lead to inefficient results. Here is a look at what you have to know and do when it comes to these objects as you perform the ritual.

If you do this well, the results are going to be exceptional, and it will work out as you want it to.


Let’s begin by understanding the role of cologne in this ritual.

Multi Oro Cologne Come To Me 4 Fl. Oz. (118ml)
Multi Oro Cologne Come To Me 4 Fl. Oz. (118ml)

You want to choose the perfect scent as it is going to help with the ritual. In most cases, you want to go with your favorite as it is going to empower you and ensure the ritual goes ahead as intended. When you do this, you are going to come up with the remaining ingredients for the ritual.

This is going to include the following:

1) Geranium Leaves
2) Honey (1 Tbsp.)
3) Grapefruit Juice (1 Tbsp.)
4) Anise Seeds (13)
5) Rosemary Leaves

The premise of this is to ensure you have the complete concoction before sitting down to perform the ritual. Having the cologne on its own is not going to do the trick, and you are going to feel the difference in your “Come to Me” ritual.

So, what are you going to do with these ingredients once you have them in your possession?

You are going to take out a small bowl and mix them with a few spurts of your cologne. It is going to create a nice scent, and you will be ready to go for the next step in the ritual. This is important, and you cannot overlook these ingredients or the type of cologne you are going with.

Any mistake here is only going to make things harder for you as a whole.


Mystical Fixed 7 Day Glass Candle Come To Me - Red
Mystical Fixed 7 Day Glass Candle Come To Me – Red

Now, you are going to move onto the next step, and this is going to include the candles.

How are you going to use the candles to your advantage, so the ritual can go ahead as intended? You are going to have a few options, and it is important to think about this as you figure things out. You are going to need to realize the candle will harness your power.

You are going to want to ensure everything is in balance as you sit down to perform the ritual.

When you do this, you are going to sit in front of the mix that has been prepared. The candle is going to be held up in front of the bowl, so you can perform the ritual as designed. At this stage, you can start with the ritual and make sure you are getting everything out of it.

This takes time to excel at, and you will need to realize it is a ritual that will come out with appropriate results as long as you follow what has been written.

Mistakes To Avoid With Ritual

1) Missing Ingredients

It is easy to assume a few ingredients missing from your ritual will not be the end of the world but that’s untrue. You are going to notice a change in the ritual, and it is not going to be a positive one. You have to understand the value of finding these ingredients.

2) Ignoring Position of Candle

You have to sit in front of the mix to harness the power of your candle.

The candle itself has to be positioned, so you are holding it right out in front. If not, you are going to see improper results, and it will not work.

3) Inefficient Cologne

Please remember, the cologne is going to be a significant player in this setup, so you have to put in the time to get the right one. If you are not doing this, how are you going to get things to work out?! The beauty of this ritual is seen through the cologne.

Take the time to go through these details and ensure you are using both parts of the ritual wisely. If you do, the results are going to be tremendous.

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