How To Use Candles And Fragrance For A “Peaceful Home” Ritual

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A peaceful home ritual can bring happiness and peace to a home and prevent tempers from flaring which causes arguments and fights. You can use candles and fragrance such as cologne to release and clear past or present negativity and facilitate a new peaceful and calming environment in your home. Peaceful home rituals are ideal for family situations, couples, children and housemate relationships to restore and maintain calm and peace.

What is a Magick Spell?

Indio Oil Stay At Home
Indio Oil Stay At Home

Prayer, ritual, meditation and projection are used in religious ceremonies to produce a desired result. In magick, a spell is an enchantment, a thought, a projection or a prayer intended to achieve a desired outcome. The success of a spell depends on the way it is cast, as well a strong belief in the power of magick to create what we are asking for.

Spirit candles are often handcrafted in the ancient tradition with love and magick. Intended for ritual or altar use, each candle is charged with white magick for a specific purpose. Sometimes they contain a lucky spell to assist in conjuring the desired result. Fragrance plays an important part in rituals and essential oils and flower essences are individually matched to each specific intention and spell. Some spirit candles include moon phase recommendations for optimal results.

Spiritual rituals incorporated into your daily routine can help you achieve the peace and serenity you desire, but reaching a true state of tranquility and peace requires discipline and patience.

Spiritual Techniques for Peace in the Home

House Blessing for a Peaceful Home

A house blessing is an effective and easy way to invite peace and harmony into your home. House blessings in ancient times were done after joyous occasions such as marriage or birth to strengthen the bonds of love and protection that surrounds the new life or union. The goal of a house blessing is to saturate the home with positive prayers and intentions with the help of symbolic rituals for example to restore peace and tranquility in a home.

Clearing Negative Energies

Dried sage is a well-known herb that is widely used to cleanse a home from any negative energy that may be lurking in a home. Before doing a house blessing it is a good idea to cleanse your home by burning sage and wafting the smoke throughout the entire house, including bathrooms and toilets.

When is the Best Time to Do a Peaceful Home Ritual

Each dawn is a time of new beginnings and the best time to perform this ritual is in the early morning. If you plan your peace ritual to coincide with a new moon phase, you will be able to harness the powerful energy generated by the lunar cycle as well.

Preparing an Altar for the Ritual

7 Sisters Aerosol Spray Peaceful Home
7 Sisters Aerosol Spray Peaceful Home

Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and a surface which you can use as an altar. Cover the surface with a purple cloth. Natural materials such as pure silk or cotton are best. Now place spiritual objects such as a Buddha or anything that reminds you your sacred intention on the altar. Try to incorporate the three elements of water, fire, and air on your altar. Place a spiritual candle specifically infused with magick for peace and tranquility, and a fragrance such a lavender that helps to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace. You can also add an incense burner filled with “Peace in the Home” incense powder.

Fill a small mojo bag with a trinket from each person who lives in the house and add a pinch of Peace in the Home incense powder to the bag. Also add a few Moonstones and lavender flowers to the bag. Place the bag on the altar with the other items you have selected.

Starting the Ritual

Quiet your mind and invite your spiritual guides to participate in the ritual. Anoint the Peace in the Home candle with a few drops of black narcissus oil. Light the candle and the incense powder. Deeply inhale the fragrant aroma of the candle and the incense allowing it to cleanse your aura and breathe out any negative thoughts you may be holding onto. While focusing on the flickering flame of the peace candle recite a magick prayer for peace and harmony in your home. Ask the faithful protectors of your home to calm the atmosphere, relieve any tensions and send negativity far away. Ask that your home be freed from stressful situations and that everyone in it be touched with calm and peace. Ask that your home be blessed and touched by the powerful energy of love and peace. Visualize your home filled with calm and peace and everyone in the house being happy and comfortable.

When you feel that the ritual has been completed and that there is a feeling of calm and peace, thank your spiritual guides for their participation and blessing. Store the mojo bag in a safe place inside the home and add fresh peace in the home incense powder to the bag once a week while spending some time reflecting on the peace goals for your home and everyone living in it.

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