Better Business Rituals with Candles and Oils

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Are you trying to attract more customers to your business? There’s a good chance that you’re too focused on investing in marketing strategies, hoping that they will work just as well as it did for your competitors. But to really gain a competitive edge, you may want to look into some spell work, something that only a handful of business owners consider. You might be surprised that better business rituals are the missing piece to the puzzle which will finally enable your business to thrive and prosper.

Driving Away Bad Energy

Your first order of business to get rid of negative energy from the workspace. You can start things off with some basic cleaning tasks such as removing clutter from your desk and taking out items that only waste space inside your office. Maintaining the overall cleanliness of the office creates a more pleasant environment for your workers and an inviting atmosphere for clients and visitors.

To take things up a notch, consider a washing ritual. This involves the preparation of tea and using it to cleanse different areas of your office. Using teas that bring positive energy are recommended such as golden seal root and bladderwrack. After steeping in hot water, allow the tea to cool and then strain the liquid. Use it to wash the windows and mop the floors. As you do so, be sure that you think of getting rid of bad energy and welcoming wealth and prosperity. If there’s any liquid left, sprinkle it on your doorstep to usher in more customers.

Using Candles for Light and Guidance

For any kind of business, it’s beneficial to set clear and realistic goals. And to help you inch closer toward these goals, it’s worth looking into better business candles. Light the candle as you write down your business goals and repeat an incantation about success and prosperity. After writing, take some time to sit in silence and visualize financial success. This can help you feel motivated every single day, as you can imagine what it’s like to attain your goals with hard work and dedication.

Diffusing Ritual Oils for an Energy Boost

To maximize the efficacy of your spell work, it’s best to include some essential oils in your daily rituals. Aside from their medicinal properties, these oils have long been used for lifting up spirits and inviting positive energy.

The most popular way to use oils is by diffusing them. Get yourself an oil diffuser and place a few drops of your oil of choice. The aroma of the oil will fill your store or office, which helps improve the energy levels of workers while stimulating the minds of customers.

You can also choose to apply oils on your skin. Be sure to mix it with a carrier oil first. Wearing it on your wrist allows you to easily pick the smell whenever you need it. It’s perfect for maintaining composure throughout the day, particularly during stressful ones which require you to be at the top of your game.

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