Happy Marriage Ritual Using Candles and Oils

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In ancient times candle burning was used for age-old symbolic rituals and religious ceremonies. In modern times candle rituals continue to be used to help bring the world of magic into our everyday lives and help us enhance our own personal intuitive consciousness. A magic spell is a thought projection in the form of an enchantment or a prayer. The success of the prayer is thought to depend on the power of the belief of the participants to create the wished for desires. Special candles are available that have been handcrafted in the age-old tradition and infused with magic intentions for use in candle rituals. Pure essential oils are often blended in to match the specific intention of each spell.

A happy marriage ritual involves the unique human interaction and that very special initial spark between two people who are in love and wish to spend the rest of their lives together. A wedding ceremony is a perfect time for infusing your special day with elements that will enhance the passion and unity between couples. A unity ceremony can be included as a symbolic part of the main ceremony that represents the lives of two individuals meeting and embarking on a new journey together as one. Lighting a unity candle is a classic, timeless way to symbolize the joining of two separate lives with the eternal flame giving different meanings like two individual sparks joining as one, creating a new and unique light, igniting a new light, and keeping the warmth of the love burning forever.

Candle Spells

Candle spells for special occasions can be personally written or copied from books on spells. These intentions and wishes are focused upon while the candle burning ritual is taking place with the faith and anticipation that they will come true. Depending on preference a particular color or shape of candle can also play an important part in the ritual. For example pink symbolizes romance and love, white spiritual healing and purity, blue for joy, harmony and good intentions, and red for passion, health and love. Candle shapes like a bride and groom are also sometimes used with a wick in each of the figures.

Candle Lighting Ritual

If the ritual is to form part of the main ceremony at a wedding it is a nice touch to have the words printed on the guests programs so that everyone can be involved in the beautiful intentions being invoked, which makes the spell more powerful. With soft music playing in the background the couple lights the candle together and recites their special intentions for a happy marriage.

Anointing with Oil

By anointing one another with oil during your marriage ceremony you seal your mutual choice and possession of each other. Forget-me-Not oil symbolizes commitment, fidelity, marital unity and a long relationship. Some oils include powerful herbs in blends that have been linked for ages with everlasting love, marriage and commitment.

For a candle divination with oils you can carve your and you partner’s names into the candle with a toothpick and add terms of endearment such as Happily Married, Enduring Love, Husband and Wife, or anything else you desire. Anoint the candle with your chosen oil, including the wick. Light the candle and recite your love poem. Do this ritual ideally on a Friday night or at the beginning of a new moon. Mark the candle into 9 portions and blow it out when it reaches the first mark. You need to do this ritual for nine consecutive nights. On the ninth night allow the candle to burn down completely until it goes out by itself. Take the remains and bury it near your front door or leave it at a crossroads.

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