What Is Dragon’s Blood, And What Is It Used For In Spiritual Rituals?

Dragon’s blood is one of the more potent ingredients in many rituals. Many people become skeptical when they see dragon’s blood in a list of herbs, thinking it refers to a mythical beast. However, it is a real thing that has been in use in rituals for thousands of years. So, if dragon’s blood is not the blood of a dragon, then what is it?

7 Sisters Oil Dragon's Blood
7 Sisters Oil Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s blood is a resin which forms naturally on berries of the cinnabar tree. To extract the resin, it is either rubbed off by hand, or exposed to steam to cause it to fall off naturally. It can also be boiled off, though this can impact the quality of the final product. When buying dragon’s blood, you may find it in many different forms. It can come in sticks, as beads, in irregular lumps, or other shapes. All of these forms are just as valid for use in rituals.

The three main schools of magic that dragon’s blood falls under are protection, banishing, and healing. It is also commonly believed that adding dragon’s blood to most other blends of herbs will increase the potency of the original blend, making it a very flexible and powerful addition. For example, when cleansing a space of negative energy, blending sage and dragon’s blood incense will be more powerful than sage alone.

Dragon’s blood is strongly associated with fire, which means that in elemental rituals, it can be very powerful. If you are performing a ritual that requires a physical manifestation of fire, but fire is not allowed or available in the space, dragon’s blood in solid form can be substituted. In this way, dragon’s blood acts as fire made solid for the purposes of the ritual.

Indio Bath Crystals Dragon's Blood
Indio Bath Crystals Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s blood can also be refined into an essential oil, which is useful for magic involving stones and crystals. Oil covering a lodestone becomes a powerful money attractor, for example. By using rose quartz instead, and adding some cinnamon, the oil becomes love oil instead. Hematite or onyx along with sage in dragon’s blood oil is a flame-free alternative to burning sage to drive off negative energy when used to ward doors and windows. Plain dragon’s blood oil can also be used on your wrists or the wicks of candles to enhance power generally.

Dragon’s blood is a powerfully symbiotic substance that can be used to enhance almost any spiritual ritual. By adding dragon’s blood, either as an incense, in lump form, or an oil, to an existing blend, the potency of all ingredients is increased. This makes it a very generally useful compound for ritual magic. When used alone, dragon’s blood symbolizes power, protection, healing, and fire. Use dragon’s blood wherever fire is needed in the place of real flames, or when you are looking to enhance your own personal spiritual power. For anybody practicing ritual magic, dragon’s blood is one of the most important ingredients to keep on hand.

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