Tantra As A Spiritual Tool For Finding Love

In this age of psychobabble and open sexual expression, there is a deeply rooted need for people to find healing through oneness with the earth. One of the best ways to achieve this healing is via a spiritual tool known as Tantra. Tantra is commonly associated with sexual expression, but it is one of the most beneficial spiritual tools for finding love. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a resource for sexual acts, despite sex being a fundamental part of the Tantric puzzle. This article will explore the spiritual resource of Tantra and examine how it can be used as a tool for finding love.

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Tantra is one of the most ancient forms of spiritual healing and stems from an ancient religious philosophy. Hindu Tantra, which is the most popular, is a yoga practice focusing on removing the obstacles that prevent a person from loving themselves. When a person loves themselves deeply, they will experience a burning of inner light. It is this inner light that will reverberate and attract other individuals to them.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word created in two parts. The first part, ‘tan’, can be interpreted as ‘to expand or join’. The second part, ‘tra’, can be interpreted as ‘tool’. Clearly, by utilizing the art of Tantra, a person will be supported in the expansion and joining of themselves with a partner and the Divine – although not necessarily at separate times.

According to renowned international spiritual healer and leader, Michael Mirdad, sacred sexuality is about experiencing various levels of bliss and unconditional love. This bliss and unconditional love is only attainable via prolonged practices of Tantra or meditation. Mirdad believes that to experience this bliss, it is necessary to bring Tantra into one’s daily life and live the bliss, not just feel it.

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Tantric practices support a person in opening up to love and meeting the ultimate beloved individual. It is hard to believe that merely meditating and practicing yoga can help a person find love, but these acts are the basic foundation of a spiritual feeling of inner well-being. By feeling healthy and balanced, one will become free of all emotional obstacles and able to start finding a love that will last.

Tantra offers a specific healing art that can be performed individually with a way of being in the world energetically – both core aspects of finding love. By completing specific yoga postures, it is possible to strengthen one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual body; thereby, releasing emotional roadblocks to help us join love. Increased health can improve the feeling of one’s masculinity or femininity and improve the shining of a person’s inner light.

Of course, it is important that you do not miss the sexual aspect of your life. Sexuality is a vital life force and provides a person with a fierce sense of who they are. Tantra includes an art of sacred sexuality that can explore the deepest recesses of a person’s heart and join the other. This is all significant to use Tantra as a tool for finding love.

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