How to Interpret Your 7-Day Candle Burnings

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Learning to work with candle magick is interesting and can be a compelling way to move closer towards your goals in life. Candlelight is meditative and soothing, but when candles are burned with intention, they help manifest your intentions faster than if you speak or write those intentions alone.

You can use candle magick alone or in tandem with other magical practices or Wiccan rituals. No matter why or where you burn your candles, you will want to learn how to interpret the manner in which they burn. This is particularly true when you burn 7-day candles which are among the most popular and commonly used candles in magical practices.

 7 Day Glass 7 Color Candle

7 Day Glass 7 Color Candle

What are 7-day candles? These are those tall, cylindrical ones that are enclosed in glass jars. They may be made of solid colored wax or they may be layered with different colored waxes. Many of them have religious images affixed to them such as St. Michael the Archangel, your Guardian Angel, the Virgin Mary and so on. There are also specialty 7-days that are found in mystic shops which are made with images that indicate what they are for.

These may have dollar signs or Shamrocks printed on the glass to indicate that they are for good luck and money spells. They may have images and words that indicate that they are made for love spells.

Whatever types you use, there are ways to interpret them when burning them. Always use care when burning these. While they can be left unattended, do not leave them burning in the house if you leave or if there are young children or pets around. Some people find that it is best to leave them burning to increase a spell’s power but to leave them burning in a bathtub so that they will not catch anything on fire.

7 Day 7 Color Candle 7 X 7 Against Everything
7 Day 7 Color Candle 7 X 7 Against Everything

Interpreting your candle is fun and can help you determine how your spell or intentions are working. If a wick pops or crackles when burning, it usually means that the person the spell is involving is talking about you. You may need to do more work to improve the results.

If the wick only burns on one side, this means that the spell is half as effective as it should be. Strengthen your resolve, ask for protection and try again.

If the candle smokes a lot when it is burning, it means there are hidden obstacles to your goals. If the flame flickers a lot it means that a person from the other side is receptive to your thoughts and prayers. Another interesting sign is when your candle wick becomes black with soot. This means that there is a lot of emotional baggage attached to your spell which needs to be cleared up before the spell can succeed.

If a flame goes out by itself and the candle is for protection it means your spirits were unable to work on your behalf. You can fix this by trying again and calling on higher powers for help. Candle magick is mysterious and mystical. Use these signs to help you work your next spells.

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