How to Make a Witch Bottle and Protect Your Loved Ones

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Individuals who want to protect themselves from hexes or dark magic being sent their way may find that one of the easiest ways to protect their home magickally is with a witch bottle. Witch bottles have been used for centuries to keep evil away from a home and its inhabitants. They are frequently found during archaeological digs, a sign that the home was protected by the caster who lived there initially.

If you want to make a witch bottle, you’ll need the following items:

A small bottle or jar with a lid
Sharp rusty metal objects from around your home – nails, pins, screws, etc.
A black candle – These can be difficult to find in some areas, but are easy to find online. If you need one locally, check a metaphysical shop. It’s also good to stock up when they’re on sale during the Halloween season
Strings and threads from around the home — Many casters kept a jar near their sewing or weaving area to save thread scraps just for this purpose.

7 Day Glass Black Candle - 8" Tall
7 Day Glass Black Candle – 8″ Tall

Wait for a waning moon, as this is the best phase for working with protective spells and banishing energies.

Fill the jar with the pointed rusty objects and the scraps of thread, repeating “Tangle the bane up, evil turn away. Tangle the bane up, evil turn away.” The thread will act to entangle any evil, while the rusted metal will point it away from your home.

Sprinkle the salt over everything in the jar to ward away evil spirits.

Fill the remainder of the jar with your urine to claim the bottle as your own and bind it to your home. This is traditional and has been done for centuries. However, if you are uncomfortable with this process, alternatively you can use beer or wine, then spit in the jar.

Cap the jar with the lid. Light the black candle and repeat the spell again over it. Then use the wax from the candle to seal the jar thoroughly.

Allow the candle to burn out in your home. Do not pinch it out.

There are two options for where you may place your jar.

1 – You can place it on your property as far away from the door to your home as possible. This helps to ensure that any evil that comes near your house will go to the jar before it reaches your doorstep.

2 – You can hide the jar IN your home, somewhere out of the way where people do not go, such as the attic, the basement, in a high cabinet. This helps the evil to bypass those living in the home and go straight to the jar, instead. This is a better option if there are individuals living in your home who may want to harm you, or if you have visitors to your home that may have ill intent, as it will collect the ill will from them before it has a chance to reach you or your loved ones.

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