Using Keys For Spell Work

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A favorite charm to use in spells and spiritual workings is a key. Keys are used to lock and unlock doors and the same goes for locking and unlocking doors to health, love, and opportunities. To benefit from the special powers of key charms, always carry them with you and use them when you do spell work. Keys charms can be worn as jewelry, added to a keyring, or hung from the rearview mirror of your car for luck and protection.

The Keys to Heaven

In icons and paintings of St. Peter he is seen holding a key. In the Bible St. Peter was given the keys to the kingdom of heaven. St. Peter was imprisoned by King Herod until an angel came to release him. Since then he has been associated with the saint who can unlock obstacles and open all roads.

The symbol for St. Peter is two crossed keys, the day of the week Tuesday, his feast day is on 29 June and his colors are red and white. He is believed to be a powerful saint to help remove any obstacles in your way and unlock all situations. There are many variations on the traditional unlocking ritual of St. Peter’s, but they all involve the same basic elements: a key, a candle lit for St. Peter, and dirt from a crossroads site.

Mystical Fixed 7 Day Glass Candle Reversible - Red
Mystical Fixed 7 Day Glass Candle Reversible – Red

To perform the ritual, collect enough dirt from a crossroad to fill a bowl or box and choose a white, red, or orange 7-day candle for the ritual. Anoint the candle with one of the following oils: Unlock, Open Roads, St. Peter, or Uncrossing. Place it in an indentation in the dirt bowl about one third down. Place the key inside the bowl with the candle.
Place the candle near a picture or statue of St. Peter and light the candle and some incense. Ask St. Peter to remove all blocks and obstacles from your life and unlock any doors and situations that are blocking you. Then ask him to open up success and all opportunities to you.

Once the candle has burnt down remove the key and carry it with you or place it in a prominent position in your home or business to ensure that the protection and good fortune of St. Peter is always with you.
You can keep the ritual to St. Peter setup permanently but if you decide not to, the dirt must be returned to the crossroads and left there with 9 coins as an offering.

Key Spell for Love
A love key spell can open the doors of romance and love to you or remove any love relationship problems. Anoint a Green & Pink candle and a lock and key with “Come to Me” or “Open Road” oil. Place the open lock and key next to each other in between the green and pink candles before lighting the candles. Ask for love and romance doors to be opened to you or for problems in a relationship to be removed.

Money Drawing
Anoint any candle and a key with “lucky money oil”. Light the candle and ask for the things you want. Leave the key next to the candle until it has burnt out. Wear the key as a charm or keep it close to you in a pocket or purse. You can also hang it above the door of your home or business or in the cash register to ensure that the doors to money are always open to you.

Good Luck
Anoint a key and a 7-Color Candle with Van Van & High John oil. Place the key next to the candle and leave it there until the candle has burnt out. Place the key on your keychain and keep it with you always for good luck wherever you go.

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