7 Common Herbs and Roots Used in Spellwork

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Here is a brief overview of seven common herbs and roots that are used in spellcasting. One of the most essential is sage. It comes in dried, loose leaves and in dried, tied up bundles. It is an essential herb for eliminating negativity of any kind when burned.

Lavender is another common herb that promotes peacefulness. It is often used in sachets placed under a pillow to induce sleep. Lavender also attracts love when used in mojo bag spells.

Multi Oro Lavender Water
Multi Oro Lavender Water

Bay leaves offer protection. This herb is as close as your kitchen cupboard. It can also be added to a mojo bag to attract money. If it is love that you want, you will want to place a leaf near a photo of someone you want to bond with to bring love to your side.

This herb is not as easy to find as the ones listed above, but Dragon’s Blood is a spell caster’s must-have. It is not real blood, of course. It is a dried root which comes from the Dragon’s Blood tree. It comes in a dark red power and can be burned with charcoal incense to bring luck and to help get rid of evil spirits. Before you burn it, open some window as the spirits need a place to escape from.

Mugwort - Cut & Sifted
Mugwort – Cut & Sifted

Another herb that is a classic part of any pagan’s supply cabinet is Mugwort. This is an herb that is related to wormwood and it is often used to stimulate psychic abilities. For anyone delving into spell casting, getting in the right frame of spiritual mind is a must. Besides this, it offers protection and helps one experience the gift of prophecy and premonitional dreams. As an herb it can be combined with lavender for a dream sachet to go under a pillow at bedtime. You can also use it to wash your tools to help them increase their power.

Catnip is another herb you will want to have on hand. Yes, you can have the dried herb that you give to a cat. It works for them and can also work for you. If you grow it, dry it out before using it for spells to attract love. It is associated with masculine energies and is great for bringing forth a male partner.

It can work just fine for female partners. If ingested as a tea it helps bring on psychic dreams and acts as a mild hallucinogenic. You may want to mix it with cinnamon and cloves to create a candle dressing.

Burdock root is great for warding off negativity and to offer protection. It is great when worn in amulets or used in baths or as incenses. It can also provide physical healing. The root can be carved to help bring on the results that you want from any spell but healing is one thing you can count on from burdock root.

Start using these herbs or stock up on them. They will help you with any general spell you cast.

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