The Power of the Pentagrams

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As with many of the arcane, mystical and esoteric symbolisms we see peppered throughout religious and cultural practices, the Pentagram exists in many different forms and therefore means something very different to the person using it.

Much like the symbol of the crucified Christ on the cross, the pentagram uses a geometric form to symbolize concepts and perspectives of the universe that are more deeply understood by studying the precepts behind them.

One way to understand the pentagram is by looking at this symbol as the perspective of life, the universe and everything. It works as a microcosm that serves to understand the greater reality of which we are all a part. The pentagram features a star with 5 points surrounded by a circle. These elements are significant.
The Significant Number 5

Necklaces Of Solomon Symbols Pentagram Of Solomon
Necklaces Of Solomon Symbols Pentagram Of Solomon

The number 5 has always had an important significance in international cultures, practices and ancient religions and philosophies of thought. There are five digits on each extremity, there are five senses and if you included the fifth element “spirit “there are also five elements. In ancient cultures, there were also five major stages of life: birth, childhood to adolescence, the loss of innocence, parenthood and finally death. A search in to the significance of the No. 5 in numerology will reveal even more important manifestations of this number.

5 is the number for the planet Mars and symbolizes the achievement of balance through conflict, or rather through focused efforts. Efforts that may “upset” the way things are. There are also five wounds suffered by the Christ on the cross, five pillars of Muslim faith and the Wiccan Kiss is focus on five spots of the anatomy.

Human Stars

The pentagram was also used as a symbol of every man and woman, essentially saying that men and women are star stuff. You can see this in the many depictions of the human form fitting perfectly in the pentagram, with head and limbs at the five points and the genitalia directly in the middle. This exemplifies the relation of (wo)man to the universe and the understanding that (wo)man is also a universe to him/herself. Hermetic, Zoroastrian, Tantric and Pythagorean practices all agreed on this important point.

In Conclusion – The Power of the Pentagram

Pendant Pentagram
Pendant Pentagram

Movies, books and video games show the power of the pentagram the wrong way around. We see an individual much like you or I endowed with phenomenal cosmic power emanating from a mysterious relic, or something similar.

The mistake is in thinking that the power is inside a disk made of metal, glass or leather, that would-be nonsense. The power exists everywhere and is as boundless as the universe, the human, the one made of star stuff decides where the power goes, how and why according to their commitment to practice.
So, the power of the pentagram has been misrepresented though not necessarily exaggerated in many of today’s movies, tales and popular culture. If one was to look for the true power behind the pentagram, they would find the power is in a clearer understanding of one’s place in the universe, rather than in the pentagram itself. The pentagram then serves as a milestone, waypoint or even a guiding star providing the essential structure for a lifetime of unimaginable achievement.

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