Voodoo Dolls – What’s The Theory Behind Them?

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Contrary to what many people think Voodoo Dolls are not an invention of Hollywood used to scare movie audiences with the power of far off islands shrouded in mystery. Voodoo Dolls exist and they are viewed by many practitioners of Voodoo as extremely powerful tools.

Before finding out how Voodoo supposedly work let’s define what they actually are. In the simplest terms a Voodoo Doll is a ‘simulacrum’ that is something that looks like something else. In this case the Voodoo Doll will like like a specific person.

The theory is that by ‘keying’ the Doll – that is thinking about the person and their attributes and allowing energy to flow into it that anything done to that Doll will affect the person that it is keyed to. Action at a distance so to speak. This is a very simplified explanation – but it covers the foundations of the use of Voodoo Dolls.

There are further steps that should take place after the Voodoo Doll is ‘keyed’ to a specific individual. The so called ‘Law of Similarity’ which is focal to the practice of using a Voodoo Doll states that the greater the likeness to the person represented by the simulacrum the more effective the Doll will be.

One of the ways to do this is to use a photograph of the persons face and attach this to the doll.

There are further methods to increase the value and effectiveness of the sympathetic magic that is part and parcel of using a Voodoo Doll. These include actual physical specimens obtained from the subject. These specimens can include nail clippings or hair. Clothes or pieces of material that have been close to the body of the person are also supposedly very effective. For some practitioners of Voodoo who are focused on the lower energies that may be sued to cause harm to the subject blood and other bodily fluids are also seen as extremely effective at increasing the sympathetic power of the magic being used.

Green Voodoo Doll 5" Tall
Green Voodoo Doll 5″ Tall

But should be understood that the use of Voodoo Dolls is not primarily aimed at caused the subject harm For many Voodoo practitioners the point is to use the Voodoo Doll in a benign manner. It may possible to use a Voodoo Doll be remove psychic influences or even heal illness – or in extreme cases to remedy chronic conditions.

It may be off interest to know that there are also several colors of Voodoo Dolls that can be used. Each of these colors has a specific purpose. For instance blue will bring peace and love while red is used to foster power and increase attraction.

Professional practitioners realize that the practice of using a Voodoo doll should conform to the rules and laws that govern magical practice. Bending or breaking these laws to cause harm will (within the belief system) cause that harm to rebound onto the person using the Doll.

For many people Voodoo is as real as any other belief system. It is an important part of their religious beliefs and their cultural lives. It is not simply a prop to be sued to further the plot of a Hollywood B horror story – and it should be respected as such.

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