What Is the Meaning of a Black Cat Sighting?

Do you personally believe seeing a cat means bad fortune or good fortune? You may be interested to find out what other people think about coming in contact with these beautiful creatures. In all reality, a black cat sighting can mean a number of things to different, and it will all depend on your own personal beliefs. Some people are going to believe a black cat sighting naturally means bad things are going to happen to them, but that isn’t always the case for everyone, and there are some people who do believe that such a sighting is a sign of good things to come in the near future.

 Indio Oil Black Cat
Indio Oil Black Cat

The Superstition of Black Cats and Total Misfortune

The superstitions involving black cats date back to many centuries ago. While they were first considered good luck by most people, there came a time where these cats were commonly associated with witches, causing them to get a bit of a bad reputation. As a result of their association with witches, many people started to believe that a black cat sighting meant true bad luck was in store for them. In fact, witch hunts were commonly taking place at certain points and there were people who believed that witches were putting spells on them while making sure these black cats were coming in contact with them.

In some of the different areas around the world, such as Japan, a black cat sighting means nothing bad at all and is all about good luck and good fortune. The people in Japan often look forward to randomly spotting these beautiful, dark, and majestic four-legged creatures because they truly believe they’re a real sign of good fortune and prosperity. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the meaning of a black cat sighting,

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it’s all about your personal perspective and what you choose to believe.

Coming Up With Your Own Personal Beliefs

Different people have their own opinions on what a black cat sighting specifically means to them. You may believe they’re bad luck or you may believe they’re going to bring you plenty of good luck. There is nothing wrong with having your own beliefs and superstitions when it comes to these types of cats, but it’s important to know that these black cats are simply loving, caring animals. They even make great house pets and are loved by many people.

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  • My husband and I were driving in Bristol, Wisconsin headed for Kenosha when a black cat ran into the road we were travelling on and nearly collided with the wheels of our SUV, but thank goodness evaded death !

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