Your Guide For A Voodoo Cleansing Bath To Dispel Troublesome Spirits

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One of the best ways to dispel troublesome spirits, particularly those which lurk in shadows waiting to contaminate a passer-by with their negative energy involves taking a voodoo-cleansing bath. Adopting these practices will assist you in feeling more positive, but also ensures you stay unaffected by external negative influences. Below are the steps involved in preparing for your voodoo cleansing bath.

Step One

Clean your space or house by removing everything that you no longer need or want. Rid your spaces of clutter as this often attracts vibrations that are negative especially under beds, closets and corners.

Step Two

Create an altar or sacred space. If you have chosen a shrine or altar use a dresser-top, small table or even a corner for your spirit guides or spirit of your ancestors. A sacred space is not always in the form of an altar but can also be your state-of-mind. Once you have set up your altar or your personal sacred space you are ready to move onto preparing your voodoo cleansing bath.

Step Three

To prepare the herbal mixture for your bath crush together a teaspoon of rosemary, sesame seeds, spearmint and basil together in a pestle-and-mortar. Use a teaspoon of each ingredient. Once crushed add a small pinch of cake flour and then mix in lemon juice from 3 lemons. Transfer your mixture into a clean glass jar and give the mixture a shake.

Before using pray over the mixture and request your desires. Now take a regular shower or bath first. Once you are clean pour your prepared herbal mixture over your back, head, shoulders, torso, legs, arms, etc. While conducting this ritual ask for the evil or negativity to be dispelled. If possible do not rinse the mixture off and put on white colored clothing.

Step Four

Now light one candle, pray, relax and meditate for that evening. Now light the same candle each evening for a period of 7 days. Every time you light your candle pray and meditate about your desires. One of the main reasons behind prayer is that you proclaim and announce that any unwanted evil and negative thought forms, spirits or energies are commanded to leave your sacred spiritual space. When you pray to your Guardian Angel Spirits, God, your spiritual protectors, or your holy-ancestor spirits ask them to assist you in ridding your space, self, work or home of anything that you regard as unholy.

You will want to focus on removing anything that is not serving your best or highest interests or anything evil. You will want vibrations of peace, love, happiness, goodness and light and you need the assistance to achieve this.

Once you have completed your ritual clean your bathtub using 1 capful of ammonia in a bucket of clean water to rinse down your bathtub and your shower walls. Alternatively dilute the ammonia in a spray bottle with water and then spray down all the surfaces in your bathroom to clear away any negative energies that are still lingering.

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