Channeling The Air Element – The Usefulness Of Wind Chimes

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Wind chimes can be powerful tools for those who practice the esoteric arts or who are interested in exploring the possibilities of using ancient crafts based on magic to influence the world around them.

Wind chimes have been used by many cultures in the world over centuries to bring luck and improve the lives of those in the home. For instance the ancient practice of Feng Shui makes use of strategically placed wind chimes fora variety of purposes, including ridding the home of negative energies.

For those who are interested in making use of the energies that can be created and controlled through the use of wind chimes there are a number of different approaches – including the blessing of wind chimes and a number of enchantments that use the chimes to harness the element of wind.

It is essential that you choose a set of wind that you find pleasing and that will not become annoying over time.

It may increase the effectiveness of the wind chimes if they featured depictions of beings associated with the element of air. Some idea include dragonflies and fairies.

Once you have purchased your set(s) of wind chimes then you will have to place them on a wind alter. this does not have to be anything elaborate and is there to help focus the mind. Light some incense or a few candles and try a visualize the outcomes you would like from the air element. Try and clear your mind of other distractions.

Once you have imbued the wind chime with your thoughts it can be installed.

There are many different spells and invocations that can be used to harness the power of wind chimes. Many of these can be found on various web sites across the Internet, but some examples of the outcomes of these spells include;

Summoning of Wind Sprites. The presence of Wind Sprites can calm and balance the mind. Interestingly enough there are schools of thought that maintain that different types of wind chimes will attract different Wind Sprites. Bamboo or wooden chimes attract sprites that encourage careful thought and gentle reflection, while those made from metals will attract the attention of Sprites that encourage creativity.

There are also spells that use the power of wind chimes to bring blessings on the home.

Placing the Wind Chimes on your alter and calling on the assistance of Athena the Goddess of Communication can help bring good news to the threshold of the home. Once again the key to the success of this invocation is the accurate visualization of the outcome. The invocation will also require the burning of some lavender essential oil and the lighting of a yellow candle while the visualization process and the invocation is underway. It will also require the tying of three feathers onto the wind chime. There are many sources on the Internet which can provide instructions on the exact invocation that is required.

Wind chimes not only provide a sense of clam to the home, but they can be tremendously powerful tools when it comes to harnessing the power of the Air Element.

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