7 Essential Crystals for Promoting Positive Magick and Healing

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Your interest in crystals is leading you on a magical journey of self-discovery and self-love. You have books on how to cleanse them and how to use them in rituals. Now you are ready to start your collection. If it is magick and healing you want, the following seven crystals are essential.

Clear Quartz Crystal

This stores and absorbs energy. It can cleanse and power up other magickal tools and crystals. It wards negative energy of all and creates balance on the physical, mental and spiritual planes. This is the crystal to use before every ritual. It will assist you with focusing and concentrating when you want to meditate and tune in to what your angels and guides have to say to you.

Rose Quartz

Rose crystal is excellent for meditation. It helps you feel self-love and self-acceptance. It works gently so that any healing you get from using it is not going to include a harsh cleansing which can be slightly painful. This is good for drawing love to you.

Onyx or Black Quartz

Some practitioners may not include this as an essential but onyx or a black crystal is a must-have. It draws negative energies to itself and away from you. If you are working on personal healing, this is especially useful and important. It prevents a drain of energy and is excellent when going through traumatic times. Great for protection against EMFs from smartphones and computers.


This is a purple quartz-like stone. Great for healing and opening the crown chakra, the one closest to the divine. A great stone for healing anxiety and depression which are two things your magick can do without!

Tiger’s Eye

You need to be motivated to work a ritual or spell. This brownstone will do the trick. It powers motivation and willpower. Great for healing addictions.


This brown or red-toned stone is a perfect grounding crystal. It promotes emotional stability and helps ground you after a difficult time.


Quartz Clear 1 Lb
Quartz Clear 1 Lb

This is connected to moon-power and is great for protection while traveling. Do you think too much? This crystal will calm your thoughts and help you hear your intuition. A moonstone can be combined with clear quartz and rose quartz to produce heightened goddess powers.

You can pick from many others when starting your crystal work. These are just suggestions because, of course, if any crystal speaks to you go ahead, buy it and add it to your collection.

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