Food As A Path To Spiritual Success

unclelkt / Pixabay

Although many people believe in luck there are others who believe that there are several ways to increase their chances of Lady Luck smiling on them. Some of these way involve harnessing the power of spiritual objects such as jade or even a lucky rabbits foot – or the well known four leaf clover, among very many other avenues to leading a lucky life.

However what is less well known is the fact that there are foodstuffs that can increase the chances of luck being on your side.

There are a number of different types of foodstuffs, including herbs and other types of plant based materials that can improve the outcomes of spiritual practices.

For instance, and in just one example those wishing to get the most profit out of the sale of a property should carefully consider providing those who are viewing the property with cookies or similar made with some of the following ingredients; honey, cinnamon, nutmeg or brown sugar. these ingredients are know for their ‘money attracting‘ properties. They will literally provide a feeling of ‘sweetness’ and attraction to the person selling the property.

If there is negative energy or a feeling of stagnation in the h

me of even in the workplace foods that contain generous helpings of basil, oregano and rosemary. These herbs are known to dispel negative energy and protect from those who might mean harm. they also provide those who consume them with increased positive energy levels and allow them to cope with adverse circumstances. Consider an office potluck and allow these herbs to heal office strife.

To increase the chances of enjoying further wealth and happiness a tea made with orange peel and cinnamon sticks is ideal. to increase the possibility of attracting wealth a healthy dose of brown sugar and honey can be added. this type of tea is ideal for use in both the office and the home as it can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

To deal with spiritual problems that may be affecting sleeping patterns or increasing anxiety a tea made with chamomile is ideal. For those who want to drop off to sleep and enjoy an uninterrupted nights rest Valerian can be added to the tea. this is a tremendously powerful soporific so care should be taken in finding the right dosage.

Using natures bounty to increase spiritual well being is an ancient practice and one that is well worth trying for both health and spiritual comfort.

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