Spiritual Baths And Washes

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Spiritual baths and washes have been used for the longest time ever since the early historical times of Rome and Egypt. They were used as flags for ritual to mark both the beginning and the end. They are meant for ‘speaking to the inner being’ to recreate energy and meditation purposes. Energy therapists say that the interaction with different people in our environments who have different energies leads to instabilities in our energy and that’s why it is important to once in a while take spiritual baths to promote energy stability. Some of the benefits that are associated with spiritual baths include: improved skin conditions as the ingredients of the bath do help in removing the bacteria in the skin and the toxic elements that are located in the tissues, minerals required by the body can be absorbed through the skin, improved blood circulation to all parts of the body and relieve of any ailments in the body.

It is important to take a thorough shower before taking the spiritual bath. There are three spiritual baths that are normally used for the process:

Salt water bath

This is the most common as it is has the easiest recipe to prepare:

It is recommended to have alone time without any disturbance for at least an hour with relaxed music, candles and burning incense to lighten up the moment that helps improve relaxation.

After the water container has been thoroughly cleaned, it is filled with warm water to desired levels.

Three handfuls of unprocessed sea salt (baking soda or bicarbonate of soda) and drops of pure Lavender oil are added to the water for relaxation purposes.

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The bath is now ready and now one can relax in it for the recommended period. A prayer or meditations on the scripture of one’s particular religion goes a long way in getting rid of the negative energy. After the bath process is completed, it is also good practice to focus on air rather than towel dry to lengthen the process a bit.

This is a perfect option for the people who enjoy swimming and live near salty water bodies. The perfect time to take this bath at a water body is in the morning may be an hour after the sun has risen or an hour before the sun sets.

These times are recommended because the water is warm enough and is rich in minerals that are good for the body.
There are also other baths like Apple Cider Vinegar baths that also serve the same purpose of energy stability and detoxification but the above are the most commonly applicable and available ones for baths.

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