How to Use Corn in 7 Magical Ways

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Corn is a symbol of a bountiful harvest. Cultures throughout the world have revered corn, and corn has also been used in a number of spells and rituals. If you’re interested in the magical properties of corn, here are seven spells that you can try.

1. Protection Rituals

Corn can be used to protect the members of your household. It’s particularly effective when used to protect children. Simply place an ear of corn in the bed your child sleeps in.

2. Prosperity Spells

Corn is a sign of a bountiful harvest, and it can also be used to encourage financial prosperity. It’s been said that eating yellow corn during the summer solstice can lead to financial prosperity. You can also try shouting financial wishes at corn just before it pops.

3. Love Spells

Some witches have used corn silk as an ingredient in love spells. It’s considered to be a potent and effective ingredient.

4. Purification Rituals

If you want to bless and purify your home, you should scatter blue corn throughout the property. Blue corn can also be used to bless your land. For more effective results, try to leave the blue corn in place for as long as possible.

5. Rain Summoning

If you’ve been dealing with a long drought, you can try using corn to summon rain. Many tribes have used corn in their rain summoning rituals. If you toss corn pollen in the air while going through a rain summoning ritual, it will increase the effectiveness of that ritual.

6. Using Corn To Gain Insight

If you’re looking for spiritual insight, corn could provide the guidance that you need. It’s believed that simply consuming white corn can provide you with insight. You may want to try eating white corn prior to meditating.

7. Luck Rituals

Corn can be used to improve your luck. Simply hang dried corn stalks above all of the mirrors in your household. When you look into the mirror, take a minute to close your eyes and think about the good fortunes that you are hoping for. In time, you should see your luck improve.

Corn has been used in magical spells for a long time, and it can still be used today. Take the time to learn more about corn and the many ways it can be used. Corn is readily available, and it can also be a powerful ingredient in spells.

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