Warding 101: A Few Methods

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Indio Bath Crystals Adam & Eve
Indio Bath Crystals Adam & Eve

Protection and warding can come in many different ways. One of the most ancient ways to protect areas are with crystals. There are stones and crystals that are known for their protective value. Some are very affordable to have and some are very expensive. It is easy to find a variety of stones and crystals on the Internet that will do this for you. Some of them give off different types of energy that will block many different types of entities that might try to bring negativity your way. Research this and you will be impressed with all you find.


Very common in many different spiritual circles, the use of incense can help remove negative entities and stop them from coming in the first place. It is something that is very inexpensive and easy to do. Different forms of incense can be bought locally or over the Internet. There are certain strains and types of herbs that are especially used for warding. Take a look at Internet spiritual websites and sites that sell these things and they will have the specific herbs that you need to stop this from happening. It is a very easy way for protection.


 Powerful Indian Incense Sticks Coconut
Powerful Indian Incense Sticks Coconut

Perhaps a very advanced topic and not for everyone. The creation of thought forms created just by you to fight off negative entities. Alternatively, you can create servitors that can bring positive energy. You can approach it in many different ways and it will be useful based on the time commitment that you put into it. This is a subject that is not known by all but very valuable none the less. Probably one of the more powerful ways to do it. But the topic that not everyone has heard about. We suggest that you take a look at a few books that deal with this topic and explore.

Law of Attraction

Perhaps a little bit too new age for some people, but what you think is manifested into your world in one way or the other. If you create an inner world of peace, love and gratitude, negativity will have a way of bouncing off of you. You’ll be able to survive and navigate all the things that might come your way, including negative entities, psychic attacks, spiritual attacks from all who wish to harm you.

As you can see there are many different ways to go about warding an area for protection. Explore and have fun with this concept.

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