The Truth Behind The Legend Of The Dreamcatcher

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The dreamcatcher is a symbol that most people can recognize with ease, even if they aren’t familiar with Native American culture. However, many people don’t know much about the real history behind this legend. Dreamcatchers, which were invented by the Objibwe tribe, have a fascinating history behind them.

The Meaning Of A Dreamcatcher

As its name implies, a dreamcatcher is designed to catch bad dreams. Nightmares will be caught in the web of a dreamcatcher, while good dreams will manage to slip through.

With that said, a dreamcatcher can symbolize a number of other things. The sinews or strings on a dreamcatcher are usually tied at several points. The number of points on a dreamcatcher usually has some significance.

When a dreamcatcher is tied at 13 points, it represents the 13 phases of the moon. If a dreamcatcher is tied at eight points, it symbolizes the eight legs of a spider, which is an important part of the dreamcatcher legend. You should look closely at dreamcatchers so that you can see how many points they have.

The Legend Behind The Dreamcatcher

In the past, Native Americans usually used the word “Asibikaashi,” which means spider, to refer to dreamcatchers. This is because spiders are an important part of the dreamcatcher myth. According to the legend, a spider woman wove the dreamcatcher to protect her children after they spread across North America. She wove the dreamcatcher like a web. However, instead of trapping insects, the dreamcatcher would trap bad dreams.

There are a number of variations on this classic legend. The Chippewa tribes believed that mothers wove dreamcatchers to protect their children from awakening with fear in their eyes. The Lakota tribe believed that dreamcatchers were created by Iktomi, a spider trickster.

 Dream Catcher 2" (5cm) Round
Dream Catcher 2″ (5cm) Round

Even though there are variations on the legend of the dreamcatcher, there are a lot of similarities in these myths. The dreamcatcher is always seen as a protective force, and the legends usually involve spiders in some way. It’s likely that these legends evolved as they were passed down from one generation to the next.

If you have an interest in dreamcatchers, you should take a closer look at the real stories behind these legends. Dreamcatchers can be absolutely beautiful, but they are also an important part of Native American history. If you take the time to learn more about dreamcatchers, you’ll have a newfound respect for the tribes that created them.

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