4 Tips Unlocking Tarot Card Mysteries for Beginners

MiraCosic / Pixabay

The Tarot deck is one of the most popular divination tools. It is a wonderful deck of 78 beautiful cards illustrated with ornate symbols and filled with mystery. The history of the Tarot is mysterious itself but is believed to have originated with one of the counts of Milan, Italy in the middle ages.

The count was supplied with a deck along with a set of instructions as to how to lay the cards out to read them. They were tools meant to unlock deep answers and offer insight into deep questions anyone might have about themselves, their lives and their future.

Today’s decks are made with the same suits, elements and the same Major and Minor Arcana. One of the most ubiquitous decks is the Rider-Waite deck. There are also angel tarot decks, and decks made by artists and other visionaries such as the Starchild deck.

If you are drawn to this divinatory tool, you probably have keen sensitivity and intuition as it is. Your adventure of exploring more about your abilities and your life awaits. Pick a deck that speaks to you. While Rider-Waite is relatively universal, it may not be the one you start with, but it can be ideal because of its traditional imagery and its suits of wands, pentacles, cups, and swords.

Get familiar with them before you start reading for yourself or others. They are wonderful tools for getting insight into what is going on with your personal life and finding out answers to questions about your future. When you first use them start a special journal and take notes of anything that gets your attention as you look over each card.

There are meanings associated with each card which you can learn from any book or online article. You will eventually get to know how to read the cards based on your personal interpretation of them. Journaling will help you do. You might meditate on one once a day and jot your impressions in your journal.

Practice easy spreads by doing simple three-card, past, present and future spread. Once you start getting hits or accurate answers to questions, move up to a more involved spread like the Celtic Cross spread.

Get comfortable with how the cards speak to you with their symbols and meanings. Then start reading for others. Enjoy the adventure of unlocking their mysteries while getting accurate answers to life’s pressing questions.

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