Harnessing the Magial Uses for Spiritual Water

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Water is essential for human life, and historically, clean sources of water were sacred, offering people a chance to experience a one-ness with God and also to remain safe and healthy. Whether you believe in rituals or not, it’s clear that water is precious, and healing water rituals come from a place of truth and value. Water rituals have been around since pre-historic cultures, and even now most cultures credit water as being a key part of the origin of life.

Stories of water deities are a part of the oral traditions of Indians and Aborigines, and water is a part of western religions too, being used for baptism, rebirth, and initiation. Spiritual water, and sacred wellsprings are important for day to rituals too. Water resonates with the earth, and the energies present in pure spiritual water have not been distorted by contact with human-made chemicals.

Spiritual water rituals are easy to perform, and you don’t have to travel to a sacred site. If you want to perform a ritual and you don’t have a spiritual water source, you can offer something to some nearby body of water. Take a small stone and imbue it with your lave. Pray and meditate over the stone, and then express your gratitude to the water. Dig a small hole near the water’s edge, and put your stone in the hole, then cover it and let the water flow up to it.

If you have some spiritual water, then you can use it to immerse yourself, or anoint yourself. Use the water to clean yourself and as you do so, imagine that it is washing away your worries, fears, and sins. Transport spiritual water in a glass or metal container – never plastic, because plastic will pollute the water. Place quartz into the water and leave it there for 10 days. The energies of the quartz will energize the water, and make it more potent for you to use for healing and purification.

 Anna Riva Damnation Water
Anna Riva Damnation Water

If you want to share the magical powers of the water with the world, then you can take that spiritual water, and pour it into a public watercourse. As you do so, focus on the act of pouring out the water, and with it pouring joy and compassion from that cotainner and into the public water supply. Visualize the healing water spreading out into the water supply, and taking away pollutants and negative energies with it. Perform that healing ritual with a partner or friend, for an amplified effect.

Water may seem like such a simple thing, but life cannot exist without it. All water is precious – spiritual or not. Our water supplies are becoming increasingly polluted, and it is important that each of us does what we can to take care of our water supply. Collect rainwater to use for our plants, avoid pouring harsh chemicals away. Treat all water like it is spiritual water and deserves reverence and love, because doing so will heal that water, and then allow that water to also heal us.

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