Rose Water Rituals For Love

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Working your own personal magick is a wonderful way to attract many good things into your life. Every practitioner wants to attract love at some point or another in their journey. The best way to do this is by incorporating the power of roses. The following is a recipe for creating powerful, pure rose water along with a rose water bath ritual to bring you the love you desire.

Roses attract romantic love, self-love, and love in general. You may already have rose quartz crystals in your tool collection for this purpose. You also should have sage to smudge with to cleanse your space and your energy. As you may already know if you do not have a smudge stick you can use salt instead. Before you work your love rituals, always cleanse yourself and the space around you by burning sage or salting yourself.

Rose Water Recipe

Gather fresh or dried rose petals, a bottle of distilled or blessed water, a pot, cheesecloth and a jar. Fresh is best because the scent is stronger but dried petals work fine. Choose a color that resonates with you best. You might want pink rather than red petals, for instance.

Place the petals in the pot, pour the water over them to cover them and place the pot on a stove. Allow the mixture to simmer a few minutes until the water changes color. When this is done, strain the mixture into a jar or a bowl using the cheesecloth.

Using your Rose Water for Love

Rose rituals using rose water are incredibly powerful. As long as you use your intent you can use roses or rose petals or even rose quartz crystals to draw the love you want into your life. Here is a quick bath recipe you will want to try using your special water.

Combine a cup of Epsom salts with some sea salt together with baking soda. Add this to your bath water. Next, pour a good amount of your rose water into the bath as you envision love coming your way.

Step into the bath and feel the love coming from the water into your skin and your soul. Feel it begin radiating outwards. When you are done with the bath, you will feel secure in your own beauty and know you can attract exactly what you want. This ritual works for romantic love or self-love.

Other Love Rituals

 Multi Oro Rose Water

You can enhance other rituals you perform for love with your rose water. Anoint yourself, your, your candles or your tools with it. Before you work spells for attracting anything, including money, use the rose water on yourself to add more power.

Spray the water on yourself before you head out on a date or just out for a night on the town. It acts as a lovely, light perfume but it doubles as a ritual enhancer. No one will be able to resist your charm and grace.

Make yourself more water as you need to by using different colored petals. You can save any extra you have for about a week in a jar. This way you always have some magickal water ready for your love rituals.

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