Using the Color Black For Positive Outcomes in Magic

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Black is often associated with negativity. In magic, however, there are more positive, powerful and constructive connotations associated with this color. Here are some ways that you can use black in your everyday magical rituals and practices to banish blocks, break curses and ground yourself with a black cloak of protection.

It can seem like black is a color to be avoided in magical work, especially if you walk the white path. However, when used with the right intent the power of the color black is immense. It is purifying and cleansing as well as protective.

How to Banish Blocks with Black

First, you can use the color in a variety of ways. Choose obsidian healing stones or black candles, for instance. These items can help you focus your energy on ridding yourself of any emotional or spiritual blocks that you are experiencing over and over. Eating foods with the color predominating them is another helpful way to implement your intent.

How can you actively use magic and the color black to banish these roadblocks? Light a black candle and meditate. Hold your black healing stone in your right palm or releasing hand to send all that negativity out of your way. If you want to draw in protection against any more blockages, put the stone in your left or receiving hand.

Do not forget to cleanse the stone after using it. Either salt it or place it in the sun to absorb positive energy for several hours.

When it comes to banishing things that you stumble upon personally, it also helps to keep a journal. If you already have a magical journal or a spell book this is a good place to note how you feel after you work a personal ritual of meditation using tools and candles.

How to Break Curses with the Color Black

7 Day Glass Black Candle - 8" Tall
7 Day Glass Black Candle – 8″ Tall

Here is a situation where you might find black is a reasonable color to use. When breaking curses or hexes, black will absorb those negative energies from outside you and protect them from causing you any further harm.

You are familiar with the law of three. Three is the ultimate formula for creation, and it factors heavily into magical work. Send the negative hex energies back where they came from by repeating Three times three it comes back to thee. You can create your own curse breaking ritual.

Start at your altar or, if you do not have one, set your intent to eliminate negativity. Meditate and ground yourself. Then light your black candle and envision all the curse energies getting sucked into it and burned away. It can be especially helpful afterward to take a salt bath to neutralize the energy around you.

Protect Yourself with Black

When you go to meditate or do any of your magical work, protect yourself by envisioning a black cloak being placed around you. You might want to hold your healing stone in your left hand as you do this. This facilitates the idea and surrounds you with positive protective energy.

You can add the color black to your magical spells and rituals without fear. It helps cleanses and protects, so you can carry on with spellwork using other colors and tools.

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