High John the Conqueror Root – The Magical Power of This Special Herb

American folklore has dominated for a long time now and High John the Conqueror is one of the most significant figures in this folklore. Before you know what High John the Conqueror root is and how it has a magical and spiritual effect, it’s interesting to take a step back in history and learn how this special herb came to be.

Low John Root - Whole
Low John Root – Whole

High John the Conqueror was an African prince who was enslaved in the south. However, he was freed, and it was because of his will and guile that he managed to be liberated. His undying spirit and ability to trick his master allowed him to be freed even at the time when everyone was being enslaved for no specific reason. The folklore goes like this �” after High John the Conqueror was freed, he left his power and spirit in a High John root. He did this so that he could care for the people and the Africans also say that if they take the name of High John the Conqueror, they get a sense of protection and power.

The conflict

Although High John the Conqueror root has become enormously popular amongst people, historians and rootworkers are still not sure whether this herb has any magical power or not. Regardless of the facts, it is the belief of the people that have made the case stronger in favor of High John the Conqueror. He is the all-powerful, mythic, trickster figure that will continue to inspire the Loki of the Norsemen or the Coyote of Native America.

The root that is in question can stimulate spiritual wellness amongst people; there is no doubt about that. Much like the Florida water that is claimed to have magical powers, the High John the Conqueror root too has spiritual effects on the user. You can easily use this root in mojo bags or bury it under some plant in your garden or carry it whenever you are traveling.

Uses of High John the Conqueror root

There are various ways in which you can use the High John the Conqueror root. In fact, different people use it for different reasons. Here are some of the reasons and ways in which you can use this herb:

• For better luck

Everyone loves to have a bit of luck on their side for whatever they do or wherever they go. Anointing your new house with High John the Conqueror root along with the conqueror oil will bring the much-needed luck that you have been waiting for. If you want this herb to work, you will have to believe that it will work. Merely using it just for the sake of it will not produce the results that you want. Combine the root with the conqueror oil and always carry in a green bag. You can also add a four-leaved clover to make it work faster.

• For better protection

High John the Conqueror root is also known to protect people from evil spirits. Not just evil spirits, it will keep your house cleansed and protect it from negative energies. You can anoint the High John the Conqueror root with a protection oil and place it inside a black bag. In addition to these two ingredients, you will also have to keep peppermint, vetiver, rue, and also an onyx stone. If you think you are in danger, you can carry the bag wherever you go. It is believed that this unique combination can protect a person from unforeseen circumstances.
If you want to protect your house, you can use the High John the Conqueror root along with the protection oil and sprinkle a bit of Circle of Protection Powder. Keep these ingredients inside a small bag and hang it on the front door. If you don’t want to hang it in front of the door and make people suspicious about your activities, you can bury the bag in one of the house plants or keep it next to the door in such a way so that it is not seen by people.

• For increasing money

Everyone loves money, but many do not get the deserved recognition that can bring significant money in their life. You can try using the High John the Conqueror root to at least give a chance to overturn this situation. Money drawing oil is easily available, and you need to use the High John the Conqueror root along with this oil and wrap it inside a dollar. Make sure that the dollar is folded towards yourself and not away from you. Apart from this, you will also need nine pieces of Devil’s Shoestring. Once you have gathered all these stuff together, keep them inside a red flannel bag. The combination will be far more effective if you can manage to get a Silver Mercury-Head Dime that was released on a leap year.

• For more power

There are times when you may feel that you don’t have the power to dominate the people around you. All this while, everyone has made you feel inferior, and you have waited for your time to turn things around. Well, with the use of the High John the Conqueror root, you can make things go your way. You will need Crown of Success Oil apart from High John the Conqueror root. Take a red flannel bag and place both the ingredients in it.

Males should add bloodroot or bitter root with the High John the Conqueror root while women should use bloodroot or angelica root. Make sure you pick the white pieces from the angelica root and the red pieces from the bitter root. All of these pieces and the High John the Conqueror root should be kept inside the red flannel bag, and you will have to carry the bag wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter what historians or scientists have to say about the High John the Conqueror root. Your belief in this system should be pure, and that can lead the ingredients to work to their best effect.

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