The Ultimate Pocket Guide to Protection Spells and Rituals

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Pay heed and read closely. Every magical practitioner needs to be armed with the greatest level of spiritual, psychic and physical protection. It does not matter how positive or pure your magical work is, there are always forces around us that can do harm. Sometimes, as we practice our spell work, we forget to keep silent. All it takes is that one slip of the tongue for an intention of ours to go out inadvertently and reach the wrong ears causing our desires to come to us delayed or not at all.

You probably already know that you should be grounding yourself before you do any type of spell or ritual. You may even already protect yourself with a quick ritual every morning upon waking. Whether you shelter yourself with white light or envision yourself surrounded by only good forces, these are simple means of invoking protection. But, since we can never be too sure, and when we work on more complex and intense spells and rituals, we always need a thorough means of obtaining protection on all levels.

This is a quick guide to the most essential protection spells and rituals available. I have chosen to take these from the Voodoo religion and Hoodoo magic. I feel these offer the most potent protection you can get when undertaking your magical work. I always advise enrobing yourself with white light or positive energy upon awakening to get a general sense of protection. But these are the types of protection you need when embarking on a spell or ritual to obtain love, money, a job or a healing.

You cannot afford to risk having any undue influence attack you whether it is from the spirit world or from a chance encounter with a stranger outside your door. So, before you do any work, here are some protection spells and rituals you must try.

Magic work is always more successful when your true intent is behind it. Some of the following may feel more inspiring than others regarding obtaining protection. That is okay. Do the ones that you feel drawn to. This will amplify the protection you get from your angels, spirit guides, spirit animals and ancestors.

Oh, and if you need to do these in the interest of someone else, they will work perfectly fine for those times. Now, let us go over these important, powerful spells.

Hoodoo Protection Candle Spell

 Indio Oil Protection From Envy

If you are doing this for yourself, cut a lock of your hair. If you are doing this for someone else, you will need a lock of their hair.

Choose a protective herb for the specific need. If you need success, use High John the Conqueror. If you need protection from pure evil, get devil’s shoestring.

Now take some parchment paper or plain paper and write your intention on it. Fold the paper over while reciting the intention and fold it flat.

Take a jar, one you reserve for magical work and place the paper in it with your herbs.

You light a candle and place it on top of the jar. Let it burn until it is gone. Or, at least as long as safely possible. You can relight it as you need to until it has burned all the way. As it burns for the first few minutes, say your intent again.

Choose purple for general protection, or you can choose white for the same purpose. If you are protecting against a person jealousy or other willfulness towards you, choose red. You will notice that the wax leaves a mark on the jar. Read and interpret the pattern to see how well the spell is working after a few days. If it needs to be strengthened, the wax pattern will indicate that this is so. If not, give thanks for the protection and for your other spells being strengthened and for them succeeding!

Powerful Voodoo and Folk Lore Protection Spells

From the folklore compendium of magic collected in the 1930s by one Harry Middletown Hyatt comes a simple spell. Do you think someone has cast a spell on you to hex you? You can reverse it by putting red pepper and salt in all four corners of your house. Chant your intentions as you do so. You may follow this up by burning sage and walking the perimeter of the home. Leave the salt and pepper until it needs to be recharged or until the hex has been broken.

7 Sisters Aerosol Spray Protection
7 Sisters Aerosol Spray Protection

Do not forget to salt yourself as you like every day. It is a great neutralizer of all negativity and it helps keep your aura clean. For more advanced protection, try the following voodoo spell. You will need a pink voodoo doll which you can buy or you can make one from yarn.

Take two brown candles and anoint them with uncrossing oil by rubbing them away from you. Sprinkle the oil onto your doll. Take two purple candles or specially branded Satan Be Gone candles and anoint them away from yourself, too. Place more oil on the doll.

Now lay the doll in the middle of the four candles on the floor. Have them arranged in a square and then light them.

Walk around them four times and chant for protection from ancient Voodoo spirits. You can also simply state your intention while staring at your doll which you will carry with you after the spell.

These above rituals and spells are very powerful. Be careful never to use them for any protection against your own evil spells. You never want to behave in a trivial manner to the spirits, especially the Voodoo spirits. They know when you are not being sincere or when your own intents are not good.

Keep doing your regular protection rituals on a daily basis. These can be quick and are recommended that you do them at least upon waking up every day for general protection. For those times when you need extra protection, use the potent spells I have described above.

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