How to Use Cascarilla for Protection, Purification, and Cleansing

Santeria is one place that has people believing in myths and legends. There are numerous plants and items that they consider sacred, and they even offer such things so that they stay protected from the mythical characters that they believe in. Cascarilla is one plant that is regarded as very lucky among people in Santeria. Several other items bring luck, but Cascarilla is known to protect people from evil. Cascarilla has become so popular that it is being followed by different pagan religions also. The roots of this plant trace back to West Africa. People believe that the finely ground white, herbal powder that is obtained from this plant also has medicinal benefits.

Powers of Cascarilla

According to the people of Santeria, Cascarilla has two essential powers. First, it can drive away any kind of negative energy and second, it creates a wall between the natural realms and what is supernatural. Although Cascarilla has two powers, the applications of this plant are vast. Since it is available in a powdered form, it can be used in candles and incense sticks that are often used in the houses of people.

Using Cascarilla for protection

Cascarilla Eggshell Cup
Cascarilla Eggshell Cup

If you are asked about the things that you want to protect, what will come to your mind first? The most straightforward answers should be your family, your house, and maybe the belongings that are there in your house. That is exactly what Cascarilla will protect you and your family from. If there is evil or negative energy around the house, Cascarilla will protect your house and family from it. In Santeria, Cascarilla is used to drive the negative energy away from one’s life.

Cascarilla is readily available in the powdered form. They are used to write on walls or make markings to keep evil spirits away. If you are a believer of Cascarilla, you can take a handful of this powder and draw a continuous line around your house. This will protect your house and your family from harmful energies. People in Santeria also go on to draw different symbols like objects or crucifixes. Apart from these symbols, people draw images that look like their own body or someone they know so that they are protected from all sorts of negative energies. You will often find these symbols and images at the entrance of the house or on doors or windows or vents so that no hostile energy or immaterial force can enter the house. Some people go on to sprinkle Cascarilla in their rooms on the floors and also inside their closets and cupboards.

There is an age-old ritual that is followed in the Caribbean origins where the people take a coconut and coat it completely with Cascarilla powder. They then roll the coconut on the floor of their house and slowly guides it out of the front door. It is believed that the Cascarilla takes away all the negative energy from the house.

Using Cascarilla for purification

Purifying your body is another part of using Cascarilla. You need to cleanse your mind and body with the help of this powder. There is a special mixture that you have to make and the ingredients are pretty easy to get. You will have to take half a cup of holy water, one-third cup of honey, and 3 cups of Cascarilla. Mix all these things together. You have to take a bath after mixing this potion in the water that you normally take a bath with. So, take a bucket of water and mix this potion and repeat this process at least once a week. If you want to be protected all the time, you can rub the Cascarilla powder on your body and then go out to work.

Using Cascarilla for cleansing

Once you are cleansed and purified against evil spirits, you can protect your home from such negative energy too. This will be cleansing of your home. Those who do not want to create dirt and dust on the floors by spreading the Cascarilla powder all around, you guys can take some of the powder and mix it with a floor cleaner or in the water that is used to mop the floor. If you want to do this in a more holistic approach kind of way, you can take a handful of peppermint leaves and soak it in boiling water for five to ten minutes. This water will give the scent of peppermint after you clean the floor with it. Next, you will need 3 teaspoons of Cascarilla powder, 13 teaspoons of salt, and 13 drops of tea tree oil.

Mix all of these things together in the water that contains the peppermint leaves. You will notice that the water will emit a sweet fragrance after everything has been mixed. Once the mixture is prepared, you can use it to clean the floors. It will be better to use an incantation while you wash so that it will not only cleanse your house but will also protect it from the negative spirits.

Using Cascarilla is not a difficult job. You have to religiously believe without any doubt in your mind that the powder will work. It is only then that you will understand the true powers of what this white powder has in it. If you do observe any difference, then you might as well suggest it to others.

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  • Cascarilla is NOT even a plant. Its decay of dead animals.

  • where do we buy these herbs and materials here in Nigeria

  • Alternatively Campari on the Rocks will give you protection, and much more enjoyable.

    Campari is famous for its bittersweet taste—one marked by underlying flavors of cherry, cascarilla, clove, rhubarb, cinnamon and orange peel—and, at 48 proof, is the stronger of the two spirits.8 Jun 2017

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