Different Types Of Hauntings You Should Know About

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Is there a possibility your place is haunted? Do you here strange noises at night? When people hear the word haunted, they think of souls of the dead wondering around trying to finish business they didn’t have the chance to finish on earth. The truth is there are many types of hauntings, with each one having their own traits and ways of getting rid of them.

Spirits & Ghosts

Spirits and ghosts are people who have died. However, spirits are souls of people who have managed to get into the afterlife, while ghosts are the ones who have yet entered into the afterlife. There are several differences between ghosts and spirits:

  • Ghosts usually create unsettling feelings in a specific place
  • Spirits don’t. They know who they are and what has happened to them, while ghosts might not know what has happened to them.
  • Spirits use dreams and signs to communicate, while ghosts have no interest in communicating with people
  • Ghosts can and do attach themselves to places, while spirits tend to follow people around.
  • Both can be spoken to, and you can use dandelion to help you communicate with either of them.

If the ghost or spirit is an annoying or mean one, then take some Ghost Chaser Incense and light it. Use Ghost Chaser Floor Wash to clean your home. Make sure you do that while telling it to leave.

After you do the above, take a big of Ghost Chaser Sachet Powder and sprinkle it on the floor and then sweep it from the back of your home to the front door, and get rid of it by opening up the door and sweeping it out. If you wish, you can remove ghosts by dressing a white candle with Chaser Oil, but if you have a good spirit you want to hang around, then set up either a spirit altar or an ancestor alter. Just make sure you place either a bottle of marshmallow root or a dish on it, as this will help attract good spirits.


9 Inch Devil Image Ritual Candle
9 Inch Devil Image Ritual Candle

Demons are malevolent entities that are attracted to people they feel like they can get a hold of. The people they attach themselves to are typically those who are having a tough time in life, dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction or cannot maintain a very strong psychic immunity. Stress and drugs wreck havoc on our health, but negative feelings allows people to attract harmful and dangerous demons.

Demons have one thing they want to do. They want to break their victim’s will down to the point they can posses them. They can become very violent and they can launch attacks on people.

Demons were never people, so they have no interest in being reasoned with. This is why it can take a longtime to exorcise them. The first thing you want to do is physically cleanse your home, every single bit of it.

After cleansing your home, you want to cleanse yourself, which you can do with some Go Away Evil Soap. Throw some energetic and upbeat music on the radio and let some sun into your home. Then us Go Away Evil Spray while repeating the 53rd Psalm. For the next week, light a Run Devil Run candle or a Go Away Evil candle.

Energy Hauntings

7 Sisters Oil Run Devil Run
7 Sisters Oil Run Devil Run

Most hauntings are not spirits, demons or ghosts. They are simply bad energy that has attached itself to a place. Ghosts who are mischievous, poltergeists and so forth are often found in teenage girls’ homes and they may actually be what is known as an energy haunting.

Residual hauntings is when a scene from a past event plays over and over again, and these hauntings are known as energy hauntings. They don’t usually interact with people, but living with them can be a bit uncomfortable. People often feel uneasy when energy hauntings occur.

The good news is getting rid of an energy haunting is easy. You don’t have to send an entity back. You simply need to move energy.

Use House Cleansing Candles and a La Bomba Incense, and then let some air through by opening both your windows and curtains. Use Spiritual Cleaning floor wash to mop your floors, but do pay close attention to the corners of your rooms. If possible, you should play some music or let the sounds of chimes or bells play in each of the rooms you are going to clean. After you’re done, you can keep the energy smooth by lighting a House Blessing candle.

Hauntings can stress you out, but in most cases they involve an uninvited guest that you want to get rid of. Even a good spirit can be difficult to be around if you don’t want them in your place. The above guide should help you get rid of any uninvited guest.

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