Get Everything That You Want To Have This New Year’s

New Year’s Day is the ideal time to get started with a nice, clean slate. That is because it has the appropriate energy to use with cleansing rituals for your home and yourself, clearing the old out and to make room so that you can be reached by new blessings. To get everything you would like to have this year, this is the time to get your wishes, rituals and spells est up to bring good luck for your loved ones and yourself.

A New Year’s Cleansing Ritual

Before blessings and good luck can reach you, the old energy that is take space up in your life needs to be cleared away first. If you are carrying around things that are not helping you any longer, then leave them behind in the past, which is where they belong. Conduct a cleansing ritual, even a simple one, in order to eliminate the old so there is room for the new.

Indio Oil To Pray

To perform a thorough, yet basic cleansing ritual, the way you can begin by burning a candle in the center of your house. For a majority of home, that will be your kitchen but you can choose whatever room feels like the “right” one for you. A white candle can be dressed using white lavender oil, or a New Years candle can be used that is created specifically for this purpose. Next, mop your home’s floors using a Spiritual Cleansing type of form wash, or you can make your own wash by brewing cleansing herbs such as rosemary, lemon, or eucalyptus into a tea, and then add it to the mop water.

Then, put some cleansing incense inside of a dish – either your favorite types of cleansing herbs on top of charcoal or specially prepared New Year’s myrrh, frankincense, and incense. Light the candle and incense, and carry them carefully through your house. Tell your house,

“I’m clearing what the things that I don’t need. I will cleanse all the old energy away with this flame and smoke.”

Make sure that the incense’s smoke touches each wall in your house. As you are doing this, imagine every room in your house filling up with sparkling, bright golden light. After you are done, snuff out the candle and allow the incense to burn out.

If you are not able to have flame or smoke in your house, that is fine! You still can use a a cleansing wash on your floors (or grind some herbs up with some salt, and then sprinkle it on your carpets, and then vacuum!). A Selenite wand can then be used to clear away old energy. Use your dominant hand to hold the wand, and point it across the corners of the rooms in your home and the walls, and imagine yourself twirling all the old energy on it like noodles onto a fork. To clear it off, shake your wand.

No matter what, afterwards enjoy having a cleansing spiritual bath with your New Year’s Bath in order to clear your aura and to get prepared for the next step.

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Once all of the hold energy has been cleared away, then it’s time for bringing in some new and powerful spiritual energy in order to make all of your hopes and wishes come true.

A candle spell is an easy way to do that. Gold is the color of success and luck, but you can use whatever color matches best matches the specific blessings that you are wanting to attract – green for money, red for strength, pink for love, and so forth. Carve words or symbols into a gold candles that is representative of your wish, and use Good Luck oil to dress it. (You also can rub it with herbs or glitter if you want to, but watch it while it is burning.) Hold the candle inside of your hands, and imagine it filling up with spiritual energy. Tell the candle what you would like it to do, even if it’s something basic like,

“The candle holds all of the energy to provide me with everything I desire.”

Next, light the candle and then let it burn. You can also snuff it and then repeat the spell each day for a total of seven days.

It is also a good idea to ask your guardian spirits and ancestors for their blessings and help. Use a white cloth to set a table, and lay offerings out of clean water, coffee, liquor, and food. When you are finished, address them by name and then ask for their help during the New Year.

Remember that New Year’s Day is a great time to get your resolution in motion, and for making positive changes within our lies. If there are goals that you would like to reach during the upcoming years, then get yourself set up for success by conducting a cleansing ritual, then bring in bright, fresh spiritual energy that you need. You can set yourself up for success, even using simple rituals.

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