Magical Uses Of Colognes And Perfumes

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Using cologne and perfume in a magical and spiritual context may appear to be deceptively easy – all you need to do is place it on your body and then allow it to do the work, right? That is definitely a valid use for it, however there are many other ways that the power of the scents can be tapped into. When looking at perfumes and colognes, try not to view them as only fragrances. They are, at their very heart, oils, resins, and herbs within an alcohol base. That might give you a better idea of the many magic uses of perfumes and colognes.

Before You Get Started

The Original 1868 Hoyts Cologne
The Original 1868 Hoyts Cologne

It is not sufficient to just purchase a spiritual perfume and start to use it. In order to fully benefit from them, you first need to consecrate them. That means you must declare what the perfume’s purpose is first. It can be something simple such us, “I am dedicating this perfume to attracting prosperity into my personal life.” Another thing that you need to is pray or meditate over the perfume, and visualize it working for the exact intended purpose. You can also choose to ask your deities, saints, and angels for assistance to make them more effective at what you are wanting them to do. Or, if you want, you can set an entire ritual up around the consecration, which can lighting appropriate incense, petitioning higher powers, lighting the right colored candles, and making offerings for help. After the cologne or perfume has been appropriate consecrated, then you can use it.

Perfumes as Offerings

Perfume is enjoyed by many deities, particularly those who are associated with beauty and love. Other deities like to receive perfume that contains their favorite ingredients, or that are specifically crafted for them. The Greek goddess of love Aphrodite enjoys gardenia offerings, so placing Gardenia perfume on Aphrodite’s alter would be quite appropriate. (In rituals where offerings are given to “outsider” spirits, leaving perfume right outside the ritual space can help to prevent you from being bothered by them!)

Scents Within Your Space

Colognes and perfumes are put on the body in order to provide the wearer with their properties, and by extension, also can do the same thing for a building or other space. Colognes and perfumes are alcohol-based infusions of oil and herb mixtures that may be added to a wash or sprinkled around a place’s boundary. A love perfume can be a great choice to use in a romantic nook, around a bed, or in a bedroom. If you are looking to defend yourself against enemies, misfortune or other bad things, then Saint Michael or Protection perfume may be used in order to fortify the magical defenses of your home and protect the household members within. For a place of business that needs a boost Success perfume may be a good option to add to a floor wash or to sprinkle around the building’s perimeter, around cash registers, or near the front door.

Using Scents Within A Ritual

Incorporating perfume into a ritual can be a good idea at times. For example, if a healing ritual is going to be performed where a bath is being drawn, you may want to add some Saint Lazarus perfume to your bath water while you are praying for healing. It may be a good idea at other times to spray somebody with perfume during the middle of performing a ritual. It can work as a symbolic gesture, with the perfume representing the blessings that are raining down on someone, and also adding the perfume’s power to the actual spell. Rituals for prosperity, success, or love are great choices for it.

Perfumes As A Type Of Spiritual Food

Multi Oro Perfume 7 African Powers
Multi Oro Perfume 7 African Powers

In addition to being given as offerings to various spirits, perfumes also can be offered to crystals, lodestones, guardian dolls, mojo hands, witch bottles, sachets and other vessels or tools. The best to do that will depend on the material or tool in question – fabric items such as dolls or sachets should be fed through dabbing some fragrance on them, witch bottles may have some of the perfume added into them, while crystals and lodestones may be washed with the perfume.

Never underestimate a scent’s power. The magical uses of perfumes and colognes extend well beyond just wearing them. If a ritual calls for a liquid, quite often a perfume or cologne may be used or can be added in order to endow the liquid with the properties. Or, allow your spirit guides and intuition to lead you to the ideal scents that is a perfect complement for your spiritual journey.

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