The Beginning Of Spring Is Time For A Spiritual Cleansing

Having made it through the Ides of March and the spring equinox, Ostara, you may feel you need a little spiritual spring cleansing.

New Life and New Beginnings

Spring symbolizes the emergence of new life with new beginnings. During the weeks in which we celebrate the Vernal Equinox, we thank the deities for their offerings by surrounding ourselves with wildflowers that have been mindfully plucked, as well as other symbols of fertility and youth.

For a cleansing ritual bath and daily cleansing you can use soaps infused with herbs and the oils of flowers that transfer their inherited spiritual power to the water. For cleansing and fertility, consider using Patchouli for strength or

Indio Oil High John The Conqueror
Indio Oil High John The Conqueror

High John the Conqueror soap when bathing.
The use of Patchouli is controversial because the herb is often used as an insect repellant. However, the natural mint-like scent of the Patchouli plant is highly potent for attracting lovers and to bring those in love closer together. Carrying or burning Bloodroot, Estrus soap, and Blue Violet leaves are all aids that can be used to bring people closer together. Blue violet is a particularly potent cleansing herb that can be infused with Lavender in tea or used in the bath to draw love.

In Wicca, one of the most important herbs around during the Vernal Equinox is Rue or Ruda. When held in the water or under running water during a ritual bath, Rue cleanses and brings prosperity and peace. The sweet aroma of Rue burnt in a candle or incense is important for cleansing the spirit and skin of bad habits in general, negativity, and bitter memories.
A floor wash can be made with High John root or the essence of Bayberry, Rue, or the potent mountain herb, Hyssop. A floor wash is important in any spiritual cleansing and should be applied throughout the house from front to back.

Encouraging your Spiritual Healing

To hasten the mending and spiritual healing that accompanies new beginnings during the Vernal season, consider the use of Angelica, an ancient root oil that will protect, cleanse, and soothe your aches and pains while allowing you to fully embrace the virility and youthfulness of spring. When applied in the early morning the strong aroma of Angelica will arouse you and during the day the strength of the scent will settle into a pleasant aroma that will attract others to you and repel negativity. To increase its protective properties, the scent of Angelica blends naturally and beautifully with other stronger oils such as Cedarwood. Along with Almond and Amber, these are important anointing oils used to inspire love, heal anxiety and trauma, or for use in general spell work.

Powerful Cleansing Herbs and Roots

In Santeria, one of the most potent herbs used is High John the Conqueror, the highest of the 3 John Roots. Its sweet, earthy scent reminds one of the ancient connections between all living things and its texture protects from Hoodoo or deceit and keeps one grounded. It can be used by carrying the root as a whole, as oil in a ritual cleansing bath, or sprinkled from a Sachet of powder.

Lucky Hand Root is a powerful and essential good luck herb used to ward off Hoodoo. It has long, finger-like tendrils and can be carried along with High John root in a mojo bag to enhance the cleansing and strength of protection it brings to those who use these herbs.

Blessing your Home

A floor wash made with High John root will cleanse your entire house, bringing with it protection, good luck and confidence to you and all who enter your home. As the carrier of the breath of new life, High John root is one of the most important classic elements used during springtime. Burn a 7-day High John root candle or burn High John incense to purify the air in your home and bring in the breath of new life.

Honoring the Most Prominent Orisha – Ogun

Indio Candle Orisha Ogun
Indio Candle Orisha Ogun

The beginning of spring it is also important to honor Ogun, in many ways considered the father of civilization as his sacrifices symbolize new beginnings and the cleansing nature of spring. Although he is the creator and inventor of many tools like the hammer, machete, and anvil, he does not own them as this is his nature. That is why he is honored together with his tools by using a black iron pot or cauldron, a wooden handle, and iron or steel blades. Talismans and amulets are bands that represent the gentleness of Ogun’s sacrifice and are also very important parts of a spring spiritual cleansing.

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