Protective Rituals And Spells That You Can Do At Home

If you feel you are surrounded by negativity, or a spirit or person has bad intentions towards you, then there are a number of different protection spells that can easily be performed from the privacy and comforts of your own home. If you follow a specific path – Pagan, Druid, Santeria, Wiccan – then there are specific spells that protect you, your home and loved ones from anything or anyone that is attempting to threaten harm. Even if you don’t follow a certain recognized spiritual path, there are numerous highly effective protection spells that are fairly general in nature, and cross the lines of religions and metaphysical beliefs.

The Bottle Protection Spell

Indio Incense Powder Peaceful Home
Indio Incense Powder Peaceful Home

This is a message-in-a-bottle type of spell that is from both traditional Wiccan and witchcraft, and use in order to protect you from anybody who is intending to harm you emotionally or physically, who poses a threat to your security in any way, or who want to harm your reputation.


Mortar and pestle
Sheepskin parchment paper
1 bottle with lid or cork
4 tablespoons each of orris root powder or oak moss, sea salt, iron filings, myrrh or frankincense
Black ink (a black ballpoint pen can also be used)
Black thread
1 white candle

Use the mortar and pestle to grind up the first four ingredients, and then set it aside. Cut up a piece of the sheepskin parchment that will fit inside of the bottle and then use your black to write, “I neutralize the power of (person’s name who is intending to harm you) to do me any harm. I ask this to be correct and for the good of everyone. So mote it be!”

Roll up the sheepskin parchment, tie it using your black thread and then put it inside of the bottle. Fill up the bottle with your dry mixed ingredients and then close the bottle with cork or cap. Light your white candle and then turn your bottle counterclockwise as you are dripping white wax on the top of the bottle until it is sealed.

Bury your bottle in a spot where it will not be dug up or disturbed.

Wolf Protection Spell

This powerful Wiccan spell, as you may think, summons the spirit of the fierce wolf and is called up for protection against evil people or forces.


Artistic rendering of wolves or a wolf – can be a painting or photograph
Holy water
Protection Oil
1 white candle
Cakes (cookies or crackers will do)
A lunar drink like wine or ale (doesn’t need to be alcoholic)

Arrange those under a full moon to our satisfaction and chant, “Candles three, green and white, bring protection here tonight. The sky is clear, the moon is full, evil and misfortune disappear. Our mighty wolf reigns forever and brings protection from bane and harm. Come hither!”

Wiccan and Pagan Protecting and Cleansing Spell

Pagans believe or believed in protective magic’s power. The spell is used and referenced in several methodologies, and although it probably did originate with the pagans, now it is used mainly for banishing all of the evil spirits out of your house. The spell is easier to perform when you have a couple of trusted individuals there that can help you.


Sea salt
Bowl of water
1 blue candle
Smudging bundle of sage
Container (bag or bowl)
Blessed oil (rosemary oil can be used as a substitute)

Start at your front door and move clockwise, smudging the perimeter of each of your rooms (make sure to get all of the windows and corners) in your house with the salt, the water and candle lame, and lit sage bundle. In every room, use oil for anointing all windowsills and doors, a smudge will be sufficient, or you might want to use the oil or tracing the symbol or shape of your tradition like a Saint Lucy eye charm or a pentacle.

A cleaning spell can be used such as, “With the purifying power of water, with the clean breath of air, with the passionate heat of the fire, with the grounding energy of the earth, we cleanse this space.” Or it can be as simple as “May the goddess bless this home.”

After you have completed the cleansing ritual, have your guest put their token into a bag or bowl that you have select it and put it into a place of honor inside of your home.

Old Magick & Fennel

Indio Oil Peaceful Home
Indio Oil Peaceful Home

For centuries a key element for providing protection was fennel. Actually, the herb is a symbol of good so that wearing it or burning it will help with keeping black magic and other types of evil influences away. Fennel can be grown in your garden or buy fennel oil or dried boil. Either way, evil spirits or humans will recoil from the fennel.

Phoenix Protection Spell


Bundle of feathers, in a variety of colors or white
1 pot
1 slender, long candle
Place the feathers inside of the pot, light a candle and then use it for burning the feathers. Once they have become ash, put your hands over your pot and say, “Oh mighty fire bird bless the ash. Enter through these planes, through these beast gates and smash, protect the place and everyone inside. Allow us to hear you sing.”

Once you are done, smudge the ash on your windows and doors.

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