How To Develop Your Spiritual Bonds To Make Your Love Everlasting

In most relationships there is an initial attraction based on a large number of factors. Some of which might include their smile, sound of their voice, intelligence, smell, hair, body, or even things like the way they walk. Everything adds together and for each person on the planet there is a different set of qualities that get them started. However, from the very first second, there will develop other things that take the place of the initial attractants. As time goes on, the original factors tend to mean less and less while other factors take over. The relationship loses some of its physical bond in place of a more spiritual bond. There are ways to cultivate the spiritual part of a relationship in order to reach a more soulful connection faster and deeper. Here are some tips to help you grow your love stronger using spiritual rituals.

Get Past The Past ASAP

7 Day Glass Candle Lovers Adam & Eve - Pink
7 Day Glass Candle Lovers Adam & Eve – Pink

Everyone you meet is going to have a past, some more sordid than others, but it’s always best to get everything out sooner rather than later. Rather than hide things and let your new love find out the facts from someone else, tell the truth up front and move on. Most likely both sides in every relationship have lots of things they’d like to forget, so let them out quickly so you can forget them.

Once that part of the relationship is done, you can then start your new life of sharing experiences and growing new beliefs together. You may not have the exact same spiritual beliefs, especially in the beginning. However, as you explore life together, you’ll constantly gain new insights into everything that happens that will help you see things from a different perspective. That’s how you will grow together spiritually and eventually become bonded.

If One Of You Reads Horoscopes And The Other The Comics

This is quite common and the way to reach spiritual harmony is for each of you to read some of their favorite entertainment to the other. One can find a comic that the other might enjoy, while the other partner can read the horoscopes for both.

This way, each of you can start to relate to the inner workings and thoughts of the other. If you know your partner is going to be cautious going downtown that day, you can accompany them to help them overcome their fears. That’s using the strengths of one partner to compensate for the fears of the other. It’s how long-term relationships thrive.

Gender Roles In Society Have Changed As Well

Gone are the days when the female half of the relationship stayed home and cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, and didn’t have a full say in the household hierarchy. Women now earn great educations, have demanding jobs, and are on par intellectually with most men. Some men find that attractive while others are threatened by it.

However the two of you decide to handle the role of gender in the relationship, it’s bound to continually change over time as well. Men are learning how to cook, and quite well sometimes, while women can mow the lawn. Making sure that each of you respects the abilities of the other is part of being spiritually attached. Having a man that can express emotions to his strong female partner is a long-term way to cultivate a relationship.

Do Daily Spiritual Rituals Together

7 Inch Man & Woman Lovers Image Candle - Pink
7 Inch Man & Woman Lovers Image Candle – Pink

Some people get spiritual just being in the forest, at the beach, or sitting in a hot tub. Others like to do yoga, meditation, or read spiritual passages together and discuss them. There are also a number of deep wave CDs that can help the two of you get in the same vibration. By getting on the same frequency, a couple can eliminate many minor disagreements and keep the spark of love alive.

Playing games together, whether it’s cards, Trivia Pursuits, or chess, can also help bring a couple closer together. It will become obvious who has which strengths in each game but the same half of a couple is rarely dominant in everything.

Having Hobbies Together And Apart

One of you can have a hobby that eventually captures the heart of the other, or maybe both of you will want your own hobby. That’s OK, everyone needs some time separated to develop on their own. Time away can also make the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes. When you start to miss your partner it’s because you’ve developed a spiritual bond that has surpassed your original physical attraction and moved to the next level.

Time spent writing down goals and dreams together is also worthwhile, if both of you agree that a nice deck would be a sound investment then you can work towards that as a team. Not all goals need to mesh, nobody wants to marry their own clone. Enjoying your differences is part of life and it’s what keeps things interesting for the both of you.

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