A Rudimentary and Practical Guide to Casting Love Spells

The most basic and recognizable demonstration of power wielded by witchery and other natural magic practitioners is the capacity to formulate spells to impact the elements of their world. A spell is a tool of magic that is assembled to execute a specific task. Spells can be applied very effectively to influence a change within a person or situation or impact predictable set of events through enhancing or impairing specific key elements at work.

This can be accomplished through the effects of focused power which are enhanced through the use of specific items, rituals, icantations and ingredients pertinent to the purposes of the spell.

7 Day Glass Candle Lovers Adam & Eve - Pink
7 Day Glass Candle Lovers Adam & Eve – Pink

In the following examples, the task at hand are directly related to boosting the positive energies of love and lust, depending on the true intention and desire of the caster. You will see how the environment, actions and other paraphernalia work together to generate this positive energy and can be directed to your command.

While the following save relationship spells are lots of fun, potentially effective and a good introduction to the nature of magic and spell casting, taking the time to study and learn under an experienced practitioner is important to effective practice and application. So much of the efficacy of a witch’s capacity to transmit and focus natural power lies in her capacity to achieve utmost clarity of mind, emotional control and focus on a task –– this is a skill very few people possess and should be practiced.

Two practical love spells that can be applied to saving a relationship

-Enhance Love Spell —

This is charm is used for increasing sensual attraction and should only be used if you are currently living with your love interest, or the random attention it can attract will be counterproductive to saving the relationship. You will need these following ingredients:

–Small cloth bag –– made of natural material
–Bergamot oil

This small satchel should be prepared and filled in ritualistic fashion which involves cleaning yourself, mind and environment before beginning. While no incantations are necessary, it is essential that your minds, thought and intentions are focused on the seemingly simple task at hand. You can keep this satchel in your bedroom, a cabinet, drawer or other places where you will be in each other’s company. Every seven days moisten with bergamot essential oils, exactly seven drops are needed and keep this renewal ritualistic as well.
Chinese Love Potion — To Establish Strong Atttraction

This is another very potent love spell that originated in China and is frequently used to solidifying a connection of positive energy between two people. You will need these materials:

–Mortar and pestle
–White Wine
–Coriander Seeds
–2 Wine glasses
To begin, clean your room and light a few candles in the vicinity. Take your mortar and pestle and begin crushing the coriander seeds while quietly and deliberately whispering the following incantation
“Warm seed, love run strong; warm heart, let us never part”.

Take the wine glasses and while repeating the incantation pour the wine and begin mixing the crushed coriander seeds. The spell goes into full effect once the two parties have drunk from this potion. Naturally the results are most effective when the target knows what he/she is drinking and the significance of the act.
Final Notes on Casting Spells To Save A Relationship

There are many small obstacles and preturbances on the road to a happy relationship that a practical spell can help to smooth out “magically”. But, remember to work against a person’s natural inclinations is to create a hex, and this can be as damaging to the caster as it is to the target, sometimes even more so.

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