Learn Some Spells And Rituals To Bring More Money Into Your Business

Do you want to learn some spells and rituals that will bring more money into your business? You’re not alone in this. Many don’t openly talk about it, but there more than you think who believe that the vibrations they put out into the world is what winds up coming back to them. Money rituals and spells are practiced by many believers who are looking for abundance in many forms, whether it’s checks in the mail, finding lost money on the ground, lottery winnings, or raises at work. For you, if you’re a business owner, your ideas of abundance are likely more customers coming to your company as well as the customers you get spending more.

You might want to start off with something simple. This first spell is rudimentary but effective, and if your business deals at all in physical cash and paper currency, then this one can be effective in drawing in a lot more of it.

Indio Oil Money Drawing
Indio Oil Money Drawing

You’ll need certain ingredients to do this one. Get a green candle to symbolize dollar bills and six coins to lay out on a flat surface where you do your spell casting. Put all six coins in a circle around the green candle which you light. Conjure up a mental picture of more money while chanting something along the lines of ‘money flow and money grow, let the money shine and then be mine!’

Do this one until the candle has burned down completely, although that might take you a few tries until your voice has the endurance to chant that long steadily. Once you get this spell down, though, you’ll start noticing a lot more money being handed to the cashiers of your business.

There’s another one you can do that isn’t as dependent on physical cash being present in your business that much, which is important given how many transactions are done by debit card, credit card, check, or other electronic means these days. For a second ritual you can use, you need to focus on the wealth and abundance that you already have around you. The ritual is at its most powerful when you send out vibrations that what you’re trying to attract is already real, especially if you do so with an attitude of gratitude.

Feelings of appreciation and happiness make any spell or ritual for money more powerful, so you might want to do this anytime that you get paid of find out profitable news for your business. What’s nice about this approach is that you don’t really need any physical items or even an alter. You also have the freedom to come up with your very own chant. Write down the things that you grateful or appreciative of that money lets you has. Write it out in the forms of lyrics or even a poem, and then memorize it.

Sachet Power in Envelope - Money Drawing
Sachet Power in Envelope – Money Drawing

Don’t worry if you think it sounds stupid. You have total control over when and where you chant or practice it, be it in the car on the way to work or in the shower in the morning. As long as reciting it makes you feel good, that’s all that matters. It shouldn’t be long before you start enjoying more of the things you already love and cherish.

One third yet simple way to manifest more abundance in your company can be done quietly and in your wallet, if chanting isn’t your thing. Just put a crisp, clean hundred dollar bill in your wallet so you can practice what’s known as the Wallet Process. This has its roots in The Secret and the teachings of Abraham and Esther Hicks. Just remember that it’s always there, and imagine spending it every time that you see something that you might want. You’ll start having more ideas on how to make a hundred dollars or more as well as get more opportunities to grow your business.

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