Looking For The Best Summer Spiritual Cleansing Practices? Here Are 4!

Few dates on the calendar are more magical than the summer solstice. In fact, the aura of this time is present for weeks both before and after the actual date. There is abundant sunshine outside, and you can hear birds singing. Everything around you just feels light and warm. It’s a time of year that brings change. The solstice itself is the longest individual day of the year for most places. It’s the last day you can enjoy before nights start getting longer as the calendar starts its march towards autumn. The energy of change is a powerful one, which makes the solstice and all of the summer an ideal time for cleansing rituals and spells. You can use the best summer spiritual cleansing rituals to purify both yourself and your home.

You can start off by doing an easy crystal cleansing. Pick up any stone you like outdoors, and then hold it while you focus on the release of any negative energy or feelings you’ve let build up inside. When you feel like you’re ready to do so, set the stone in the sun so it can wash all that energy away. You can even Reiki the stone to amplify the effect or place it at the end of your Yoga mat to absorb that which you release. This gets even more powerful if you get a river rock that you return when done for even more cleansing.

Indio Oil Cleansing
Indio Oil Cleansing

If you want, you could even pick a crystal, especially one that is aligned with the sun. Place it inside your hands so you can meditate with it. You can program it by the sheer intention of the heart and mind, as you visualize it filling up full of healing energy and a bright light. Do this until in your mind it glows with the cleansing heat of a tiny star. Citrine, carnelian, ruby, and sunstone are all great crystals to do for this, and you can carry them with you so you can hold them whenever you could use a little sunrise yourself during the day.

Take things up a step by burning some sun-aligned incense. You might know that incense is typically associated with the element of air, but when you light it, the symbology is just as powerful. Cleansing smoke comes from the fire, freeing the power of the incense. It is this fire that transforms a stick of wood and herbs into a potent tool for spiritual cleansing. There are quite a few cleansing incenses and herbs that relate to the sun, including rosemary, bay laurel, and frankincense. Use these each on their own, or blend them together.

Using some sand and a block of some charcoal, you can burn them in your favorite fireproof bowl. When you light the incense, let its smoke pass over you. If you’re comfortable carrying it through your home, do so in a clockwise direction. As you do so, pray or ask that any negative energy present gets whisked away with the smoke. Do this during the day with open windows so that sunlight can come in for the cleansing and also so the negative energy has a way to flee a place it is no longer welcome.

Cleansing Glycerin Soap
Cleansing Glycerin Soap

Taking the actual fire element a step further, consider lighting a solar candle. Summer, particularly the solstice, is when the power of the sun is at its highest. This reverberates through all things solar, including the fires of candles, creativity, and bonfires. Bonfires aren’t always possible or practical, but a candle will do. Meditate with your eyes open with your gentle focus on the flame. Feel your fears and anxiety melt away. The best candles to use are in fiery and/or solar colors, such as orange, red, yellow, and white.

The element of water can also be used for a summer cleansing, which makes sense, as it is a cleansing agent itself. Ritual bathing can cleanse your aura through the use of sympathetic magic. Buy a prepared solution or make your own bath tea through a combination of sea salt, lavender, thyme, lemon, and hyssop. Steep the ingredients and then add them to your bath before you step in. If you can, take this bath outdoors. Rather than toweling off afterward, you can let the warmth of the actual sun dry you off naturally.

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