Gemstones You Must Have for Spiritual Growth

Crystals operate very much like a magnet, but it is better thought of as energy that goes beyond being three dimensional. When you look at crystals in a lense of high dimension, you begin to see waves of the energy surrounding them, pushing and pulling. Some crystals operate on higher frequencies, while others do so on lower ones. These differences in vibrations affect us in various ways. Those gemstones with low-frequency energy help us to calm down and become grounded in our dimension, while high-frequency energy crystals stimulate our brain and aid with mental clarity.

Chakra Healing Balancing Kit
Chakra Healing Balancing Kit

All vibrations of crystals are important for our spiritual growth in some form or fashion, and often it is the crystal that you do not think you need that is the best one for you. In this article, we will discuss the gemstones that are must-haves for spiritual growth and in what way they affect us and are beneficial.

1. Agate

This is the stone that is beneficial for strength and courage. It stimulates both body and mind, and aids with precision and perception. It is a stone that is grounding as well as energetic, and in addition to this, it balances the energies of yin yang.

2. Amazonite

A gemstone that is essential when it comes to understanding love, joy, and feeling at one with the universe. Amazonite is also a great help in regards to creative expression and clarity. It aligns and balances the mental and etheric bodies and calms nerves.

3. Amethyst

Also known as The Peace Stone. This crystal is perfect for meditation, and it has been known to assist with psychic abilities. It is very inspirational, calming, and protective. It also spreads divine love.

4. Aquamarine

If you desire growth in regards to your fears and phobias Aquamarine is a gemstone you must have. It assists in banishing these, calms your nerves, and gives you a better ability of self-expression. Enjoy intellectual and emotional stability with this crystal, and clarity of the mind.

Anna Riva Bath Crystal - Love
Anna Riva Bath Crystal – Love

5. Bloodstone

This crystal is a powerful healing stone. Not only does it work to enhance and revitalize the body and mind, but it also gives the user wisdom and a stronger voice in regards to inner guidance.

6. Calcite

For those who practice astral projection, this crystal is a must-have. Not only does it help to remember the experiences you have while projecting, but it also alleviates fear while enhancing awareness and an understanding of nature. Calcite also clears as well as balances.

7. Citrine

The Abundance Stone. This crystal is warm and energizing while causing a feeling of joy. Using this stone raises self-esteem, and connects one with their higher self. In addition, Citrine stimulates the focus of the mind and attracts abundance.

8. Clear Quartz

The Energy Stone, this is one to use for out-of-this-world meditation. It highly amplifies thought as well as energy, while banishing negativity from your life. Clear Quartz is also an aid for communication with each dimension.

9. Garnet

Garnet enhances imagination and is known to purify the user. It is also a gemstone that strengthens as well as balances the body’s energy. Garnet is a stone of compassion and deep love.

10. Hematite

Spiritual growth is dependent upon this crystal, also known as The Stress Stone. Not only does it raise mental capabilities, but it also reduces stress significantly. If you need help dispelling negativity in your life, this is a must-have. In addition, Hematite strengthens the mind and body and enhances energy.

11. Jade

This gemstone promotes wisdom and helps to banish stress. It is peaceful and nurturing and also aids the user in remembering dreams as well as solving them.

12. Sunstone

A gemstone that shines light into one’s shadow self, Sunstone grounds the root chakra while dissolving all traces of negativity. This is an essential crystal for bringing happiness into your life.

13. Moonstone

This crystal balances emotion, stimulates confidence, and enhances the feminine nature, including intuition.

14. Peridot

Peridot is excellent for spiritual growth in the sense that it purifies and protects the user while reducing jealousy and feelings of anger. It regenerates, strengthens, and works to bring happiness into the life of the user.

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