5 Practices to Attract Love Spiritually

To many people, the highest achievement in life would be to find a true connection of the soul with whom they can spend this portion of eternity. But, between running around and meeting the wrong people or minding your own business and perhaps missing your soulmate, the chances of meeting a suitable friend and life-partner seems harder than ever.

For those on the path toward spiritual attainment the solutions to finding the right person and attracting love always begin within. In the following article we will examine some of the most important spiritual practices that should be observed to attract love and attain a spiritually meaningful relationship.

1. Get to know yourself

The most important step in finding the right kind of person and relationship for you is getting to know full well who you are and what you truly want in life. If you believe deep in your heart of hearts that you NEED a relationship to complete your life, you NEED to think again.

The only way you will really attract a healthy relationship is by starting off with strong and confident souls. If you know who you are, where you are going and what you need to get there, you will have a much clearer picture of the kind of running-mate you need.

Rather than spending the vital energy in a blind pursuit, turn this energy inwards and make a connection with your deepest desires and highest values. This will help you align with your true nature and make true nature the basis for your attraction.

2. Purify the Mind and Heart

If you have come off a bad relationship or even a string of bad relationships it can be easy to develop thought patterns and emotional schemas that impair the perception and can thwart this delicate process. If you were to see your soulmate walking down the street, how would you even know if your mind is still carrying impressions, deceptions, delusions and hurt from previous experiences.

But, the solutions are simple. According to Buddhist formulae there are 84,000 afflictive emotions and 84,000 antidotes. Most often applying an antidote involves focusing on the positive. Rather than succumbing to frustration and hostility practice loving kindness. Rather than focusing on what you DO NOT want in a relationship, focus on the positive qualities and values you ARE attracted to.

3. Make Eye Contact

Your mind may be in the game and may be even your heart too, but our subconscious can reveal reservations and hesitations we may not even be aware of. This can often be expressed in actions as simple as avoiding eye-contact when passing by coworkers, classmates, neighbors or other people we meet day to day.

As you practice the first two steps you may begin to notice a change in your own attraction and attractiveness. This may lead you to be more open and friendly in new situations. But, even if it doesn’t you will have to be winsome to win someone. Begin by making eye contact, smiling and letting people know you are an approachable single and ready to mingle –– you never know but your soulmate could be watching you from afar.

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4. Be the Kind of Person You Envision

You must have as clear picture of the type of relationship you want and the values you are trying to attract. This picture is something you must know intimately and project into the universe, but that is not enough. You must live as if they were already fulfilled.

Ask yourself as you climb out of bed in the morning “what I be doing differently if the man/woman of my dreams was lying next to me right now?” Throughout your day keep this image of the type of person you would need to be to attract the caliber of person you hope to attract.

Maybe you would like to be healthier physically and mentally, maybe you would be more outgoing and confident, perhaps a bit more intuitive? But, your answers are your clues to preparing yourself for the moment your soulmate walks into your life.

5. Don’t Quit

The biggest reason so many people miss out on their dreams is because they quit and surrender right when their goals were in their grasp. But your success is guaranteed by one thing alone, your refusal to quit or accept anything less than your full value.

You will need to anticipate frustration and disappointment along the way, but you must hop blissfully from day to day without losing your enthusiasm. This is truly the key to success and the most amazing things can happen the tiny margin of time in which you refuse to quit on your dreams.

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