How To Use A Spiritual Candle For A Cleansing And Protection Ritual

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Candles are very strong channels of communication when it comes to the spiritual realm. They have the ability to translate messages and open doors to Higher Beings with a lot more ease and clarity. This is one of the reasons why Candle Magic is so effective and attracts energy when it is used in a ritual.

If you are new to hoodoo, rootwork or Witchcraft, and you want to use a candle for cleansing and protection, there are some easy but effective white candle rituals that you can use.

What Does A White Candle Symbolize Spiritually?

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Using candles is practiced in almost every religion around the world. In fact, just the act of lighting a candle is, in itself, a ritual.

Generally, a candle’s flame is synonymous with the sunlight. Candles are also used to bring about the presence of the element of fire, and they are also a representation of bringing forth new life, shining light onto a situation or provoking some type of manifestation.

White candles are typically used in rituals where the user is seeking harmony and peace. Because the color white is thought to be a neutral color, it is associated with light and purity.

Also, due to its neutral stance, a white candle can be burnt when the user is not sure what color would be best to use in the ritual. This means that white candles can be replacement or placeholder candles in ritual magick.

White candles are also associated with spiritual protection and cleansing. This can include the mind and the body.

For example, you can burn a white candle when you feel a lot of negative energy is around you. The candle will be your ally in not only helping to cleanse the environment, but to also help to calm and relax you.

Finally, white candles can be used to promote emotional, mental and physical healing when they are used in a protection ritual.

When Should You Light A White Candle?

As previously mentioned, a white candle is a symbol of positive energy. This means that if you are looking for a fresh start for the new year or a new month, you can light a white candle on the first day of the month. You can even light one at the beginning of each week so you can receive positive, clean energy for your week.

Simple White Candle Ritual

If you are looking to cleanse your auric field of negative energy, there is a simple ritual you can do. You will need:

1 white candle
Small pinch of salt

You will need to light the candle on an altar or table.

Next to the candle, you will place a glass of water and add the pinch of salt to the water. Allow the salt water to sit still for one hour.

You will then clean your hands with the water. While doing so, think about your soul being cleansed at the same time.
Allow your hands to air dry, and let the candle burn out.

A Cleanse And Protection Spiritual Bath With A White Candle

You can take this bath when you want to remove any negative energy from your physical body and your spirit. With the right herbs and a white candle, this bath will prepare, cleanse and protect you from any other rituals you will be performing.

You will need:

1 Bay leaf
1 White candle

Add a teaspoon of each herb to a pot and boil for 20 minutes.

Take a shower or bath while waiting for herbs to boil.

Light the white candle and prepare for the spiritual bath.

Filter out herbs and pour water over yourself with a scoop or a cup. Work from your head to toes.

Calm your mind.

When finished, allow your body to air dry.

Cleansing and protection rituals can help keep your auric field free of negative energy and invite positive energy to come your way. Burn a white candle and be prepared for the positive pathways that open up for you.

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