What Is The Best Road Opener Ritual For Beginners?

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Have you ever felt as though you were blocked or stuck and no matter what you did, you were not able to see progress and improvement? Or, perhaps, it does not matter how many spells you have performed, you are not getting the results that you are looking for.

It is true that at times there are factors that can block us in ways we have never imagined. We have to learn how to open these roads so what we want is allowed to come our way.

Fortunately, the best way to remove these types of blockages so what we desire will come to us is done through easy rituals and spell work.

What Is A Road Opener?

A road opener, also known as a road opening, is a formula used in conjure work that is created from a herb called Eupatorium villosum, or Abre Camino. This name means ‘opening road’ or ‘road opener.’

This shrub like herb is usually found in the tropical climates like Florida and the Caribbean.

The road opener ritual is typically created using dust or an oil. However, it must contain the Abre Camino herb in order to be have the desired effect the user wants so it can truly be a ‘road opener.’

This is a type of hoodoo magick and rootwork that will help you remove barriers, blockages and obstacles so you can achieve the things that you want. As a result, you will see good fortune, good health, success, promotions, love, abundance and money come into your life easily.

So, if you have been working different types of magick and spells for a few weeks or a few months without success, the road opener ritual can help you with that.

Using The Road Opener

This oil is generally used to dress candles when working in rootwork/magick. The candle can be used in conjunction with petition magick. Petition magick involves writing wishes or names on paper.

You can also use the oil to anoint yourself such as your forehead, hands or wrists as another way to use the oil during your ritual or during the day.

Road opener dust is also used for dusting clothing hand and other items that may be ruined by the oil. This can also be included in the ritual or as part of your daily routine. By dusting yourself everyday, you will be consciously working towards opening doors as you go about your routine.

The road opener herb can also be made into a detergent or washing powder that you can use to wash your clothing and yourself.

When using the powder to bathe yourself, always wash in an upward direction from your toes to your head. This will allow positive things to move towards you. If you want to draw things out or away from you, wash from head to toe.

A ritual bath using road opener can also be done if you use road opening herbs that can be found online, as well as in metaphysical stores that sell rootwork/hoodoo herbs and supplies.

After bathing, some of the bathwater is reserved and is thrown at a crossroads. A crossroad is four way intersection of two roads that looks like a plus sign.

In hoodoo and rootwork, it is common for Psalms to be recited out loud while road opening spell work is performed.

Why Are The Crossroads Important In Road Opener Rituals?

Sachet Powder In Envelope Road Opener
Sachet Powder In Envelope Road Opener

The crossroads and road opening are often used together. For example, road opening rituals often require the disposal of items or bathwater to be done at the crossroads. Petitions are also disposed of at the crossroads.

It is also common for some rituals to require the work is performed at the crossroads.
Road opening dust can also be used be mixed with dirt from the crossroads in rootwork so you can remove blockages and get what you desire.

A simple road opener/crossroads ritual is as follows. Mix 2 parts of crossroads dirt with 1 part of road opening dust. Sprinkle this mixture at your all of the entrances, driveways and gates that lead to your business or home. Repeat this process every 3 days and after it rains or snows.

A road opener ritual can be exactly what you need to get what you desire out of life. Break the bad luck and open the roads you want with this ritual.

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