All You Need To Know About Spiritual Candles

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Since the beginning of time, many cultures have been burning candles for spiritual purposes, and that tradition still exists even today. These candles are believed to create a connection between the spiritual world and this current one that we live in. They also have therapeutic uses and have some healing properties. They can project particular energy and ambiance depending on the color of the candle. For example, you can combine two different colors to bring about different energy effects, such as using white and blue candles to promote calm, peace, and purity. Without knowing the spiritual uses of the candles, you will not be able to get the benefits you need. Below are the different colors of candles and their spiritual uses and meanings.

7 Day Glass Candles
7 Day Glass Candles

White is a pure and sacred color that amplifies the energy of any other candle that you use it with. It represents happiness and is the highest level of consciousness. People who burn white candles invoke lunar power and get healing, cleansing, protection, peace, unity, and goodwill. The smoke that usually comes from burning a white candle represents the negative energy; hence, once the candle stops flashing, it means that all the negativity is gone. They can also be used to cleanse your home and remove any negative energy spiritually.
Red is powerful and a color that stimulates and excites us. It is also very magnetizing and incites passion, fire, and sexual energy. It also usually represents temporary pleasures, and people who burn these candles tap into the Scorpio energy. They normally are seeking love, power, survival, and respect. It is mainly used for physical gratification and is used for dealing with enemies. It is also used to ward off danger and eliminate negative attitudes.
Yellow usually represents intellect. It can, therefore, be used to boost one’s intellectual ability, clarity of thought, and memory. It often is associated with creativity, insight, and higher wisdom. Someone burning a yellow candle will be yearning to invoke wisdom and gain control over their mental powers. People who want to pass their exams will light these candles as it will boost their concentration and help them increase their logical consciousness.
Blue candles will represent several emotions, depending on the shade. In general, blue is a color of calmness, will bring about reflection, perception, and mental focus. Blue candles help in oozing patience, kindness, healing, loyalty, and sincerity; they will bring harmony into your home. They are perfect if you are feeling nervous, depressed, impulsive, and unable to think clearly. It will help promote some peace and calm; hence, you can even burn it, for example, if you have a fear of flying. Royal blue is usually the color of loyalty, laughter, and joy, while light blue will be used for peace and tranquillity. Therefore, it is essential to know what emotions you need to channel as you choose the shade of blue candle you need.

Orange is usually a combination of yellow which brings mental agility, and red, which has action-energy; hence, you can get both of these two worlds. It represents a sudden change; therefore, people who burn orange candles seek a sudden change in the situations they are in. It may be a job, a relationship, or anything else that you need an instant change from. It can be used for career matters where you need creativity as it will help you get into your creative side. It will also boost your energy, attract good fortune, and help you in your business.

Mystical 7 Day Candle Go Away Evil - Purple
Mystical 7 Day Candle Go Away Evil – Purple

The color green represents success. It is also a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and growth. It will help you attract money, manifest your desires, and improve your finances. It is also the color that will help you get a new job and promote good luck in your current one. Green candles are associated with all that pertains to growth, be it your crops, fertility, finances, or even business. It is usually associated with the healing angel Archangel Raphael.
There are many spiritual candles, with the above being a few of them. The others include purple, gold, black, gray, brown, pink; the list is endless. By knowing what a particular color means and its spiritual uses, you will be able to use the right one for the specific problem that you have. You can then go on to purchase the one that you need or combine two of them for maximum benefits.

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