Welcoming 2020 – Some Rituals That May Make The New Year Even Better

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2020 is the year of the Metal Rat according to the Chinese calendar. It is a year that is foretold to be a year filled with opportunity, new beginnings and potential prosperity – but planning is essential. However, there is no reason not to give yourself a bit of a head start towards your goal of prosperity with some rituals that will see you start off the new year on the right footing – no matter what your belief system. Here are some great ideas to get you in the right frame of mind to see in the new year filled with positivity.

One of the most powerful weapons that you have in your psychic arsenal is the power of positive thought. Write down your positive thoughts in the form of a list – If you focus on those positive thoughts it may just be the key to making it happen. Revisit that list, amend it as required, but keep it positive. Take the steps to make sure that what you visualize actually happens.

The idea of rituals can be loaded. for many people, the concept may carry a weight loaded with magical thinking, but there is magic in the world – we simply have to become the catalyst for making that magic happen. Your morning cup of coffee can be transformed into a ritual. As you sip, visualize your day. Visualize what you want to accomplish. Make an active effort during that ritual to let go of the past. We often get mired down in the past – after all, we have been raised to think that the past shapes the future. Although there may be some truth to this, there is also the idea that you are master (or mistress) of your own destiny. There is a truth to the idea that rituals can help shape our subconscious. Again, write down what you regard as holding you back – the hangover of the past so to speak. Then shred that piece of paper or send it to the recycle bin – and empty that bin.

A great way to enter the new year is to cleanse yourself from the negative energies of the past. Take a bath, add Epsom Salts. It’s rich in Magnesium and sulfates. Although medical science has not proved conclusively that it has any physical effect it’s an old folk remedy that has stood the test of time. It restores our mental state and (if anecdotal evidence is to be believed) it pulls toxins from the body and restores balance. Perfect for setting your body up to take advantage of the possibilities of a new year.

For those of an esoteric frame of mind the power of fire can be one of the most powerful forces to explore when preparing oneself for 2020. Something as simple as lighting a candle and focusing on your dreams and aspirations while looking at that dancing flame can have incredible benefits. For those who are of a magical frame of mind the lighting of a black candles made from natural beeswax can have incredible benefits. It is said to absorb negative energy and eliminate it. The fire consumes that negative energy. The next step is to visualize the flames as the energy that comes back into your life.

Anna Riva Incense Powder Wicca
Anna Riva Incense Powder Wicca

For followers of Wicca, a modern form of belief that is based on Pagan ritual there is a spell made for the celebration of the new year. It involves setting out the 12 Zodiacal signs. For each sign, a chant is intoned and a candle is lit. That chant is based on the hope for the fulfillment of certain objectives. These can range from relationships to success. However – this is not a belief system that rewards pain to others. In effect, it is similar to writing down your wishes for the new year. Your prayers and chants need not conform to some ideal – they are your own.

There is truth to what Hamlet said in the Shakespearean play. When Hamlet says that there are more things (in heaven and earth) than are dreamt of in your philosophy (science) to Horatio he was right. Belief can play a huge part in setting our minds on the path to success. A new year is a time for new beginnings. Take advantage of the opportunity to bid goodbye to the old – and welcome a fresh mindset.

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